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Monthly Archives: October 2007

CoD4 in the Wild

October 31, 2007 | | 6 Comments

There’s lots of information coming down about Call of Duty 4. In particular, this dude over at AVS Forums has made himself famous by talking about a retail copy of the PS3 version he got (link). He posted lots … Read More

Quick News Bits for 10/31/2007

October 31, 2007 | | 2 Comments

Last night, Mark Rein wrote:

I was playing the PS3 build for a few hours tonight and it is really, really fantastic. Amazingly smooth and solid. I think you PS3 users are in for a huge treat with UT3. … Read More

New Resistance Fall of Man Patch Rumbles

October 30, 2007 | | 3 Comments

The new patch enables Rumble and another cool feature “snapshot Mode”. Use the PRT SCRN on your keyboard and it will save it to the XMB. Cool stuff. Hopefully more titles will have this feature.

Turn off 40s and Tags

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Remote Start your PS3 with upcoming FW 2.00

October 30, 2007 | | 7 Comments

The PSP recently got a firmware update 3.72. And it had something very interesting in the new feature list.

* Support has been added for [Remote Start]* of the PS3 system under [Remote Play].

*To use this feature, the … Read More

HDD and BDD Advantages

October 30, 2007 | | 6 Comments

Every console has its advantages and disadvantages. The 360 has the awesome Xbox Live service and a more established consumer base. The Wii has… uh… something. (Sorry guys, the Wii just doesn’t appeal to me in any way.) The PS3 … Read More

60GB PS3 for $399

October 30, 2007 | | 7 Comments

Derrick sent me this photo showing a 60GB PS3 going for just $399 (after mail-in rebate) at Hastings. Why bother with the 40GB at this price?

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New Blu-ray movies for the week 10.29.07

October 29, 2007 | | 4 Comments

If you’re a Spider-Man fan and a Blu-ray fan, man what a week for you! This week you can get the “Spider-Man: The High Definition Trilogy”. Then there are a few HD Blu-ray titles to just … show off your … Read More

Activision and PS3 Gamers

October 29, 2007 | | 14 Comments

I’ve been criticized every so often for being down on Sony and the PS3. So I thought I’d change things up a bit and talk about Activision instead. And I won’t even state my opinion. I’ll just state some facts.

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