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Great PS3 Price at Walmart Canada |

Walmart Canada is currently holding their “Anniversary Celebration”, reducing the price of a bunch of itmes. One of those items is the PLAYSTATION 3! The currently have a bundle that includes:

– the 80GB PS3
– MotorStorm
– Blu-ray Remote Controller

The price is only $550Cdn. That’s $110 off the price of the individual items. Not bad, not bad. (Forget for the moment that the Canadian dollar is now at par with the American dollar, and that this deal could really be better if the PS3 was priced that way.)

  • Wow, what a great deal. Maybe this will spur some PS3 sales 🙂

  • Alex

    Walmart is not a company that I will ever support. After disrespecting Canadian law and Canada as a nation, buy closing and firing the low paid workers in Jonquiere Quebec. Why did they do this? They say because the store was not making money. The Quebec Labour board ruled differently.
    This is a company that has encouraged North American business to relocate to the new wild west of capitalism (while still keeping communist values).
    Men women and children are exploited in China with pennies an hour work, 10 hours a day, 6 days a week.
    Yet their leader Lee Scott (president of Walmart) seems to be able to snatch up 10’s of millions of dollars for himself in a year. How incredible.
    Walmart will always have a legacy of a piss poor company and will never be know as a great retailer.

  • While I’m not one to trust a corporation’s word on anything, neither do I trust the word of a labour board.