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Rock Band PS3 – $170 |

Harmonix (the developer of Rock Band) has confirmed that the Rock Band bundle will cost $170 (well, actually, $169.99 – I rounded up). They also confirmed that the game will hit stores on November 23rd. The PS3 bundle will include the wired drumset and microphone, and a wireless guitar.

Now I’m torn. That’s $30 less than I was previously led to believe. I won’t have room for the drum kit until I finish my basement, so I wasn’t planning on getting Rock Band until then. But now Rock Band only costs $70 more than Guitar Hero III, making it a pretty good deal considering that it includes a drumkit and mic.

I was planning to buy GH3 only this fall. Now I’ll have to reconsider. I’d really like to see what new stuff Rock Band adds to the mix.

Harmonix Confirms Rock Band Pricing

  • liar

    Henning are you really going to keep a drum kit out? I don’t have experience with any of these kinds of games I just personally see the drum kit as over the top that will become annoying over time. Convenience of a guitar makes sense but I really am curious how you see the drum kit an “outsider” it seems crazy to me 🙂

  • When I have my home theater set up in my basement, I can just shove the drumkit to the side when not in use.

  • Bob Davey

    Drums are going to be more fun than the guitar. Until the guitar, can be more like a real guitar, you are not learing how to play it in real life. The drum kit, on the other hand, is going to teach people *how* to play the drums for real. A much better benefit from wasted hours of playing this game 🙂

  • You dont have to buy the whole set. They are selling versions that have just one peripheral. I think its 30 or 40 with just the mic, and the rest being more based on the peripheral. So if you want just the guitar, you can get just the guitar with the game. Its the full packages that is 170, which is less than I thought it would be. But considering thats the price of a psp slim, who’s silvery goodness is begging me to trade in my old psp for, I dont know what I want to do.

  • liar

    @Henning – thanks

    @Bob – good point that it has the potential to be educational as well. Didn’t think about it that way.