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Rumour: Is 12oct07 a Big Day? |

PS3 Fanboy is saying that October 12th might be the day that Sony announces a new, cheaper PS3. Rumor Reporter is saying that they saw some FCC documents and they reveal a few things about the new PS3. Like:

  1. The new PS3 uses less power than older ones – 3.2A versus 3.3A.
  2. The new PS3 will include a brand new controller, probably the DualShock 3.
  3. WiFi and Bluetooth will be upgraded. (Though if you look at the specs, they don’t look any different.)
  4. Fewer USB ports. Two instead of four.

Notice that nowhere in these FCC documents is “40GB” mentioned. So, three questions. One, is Sony really ready to release a new PS3? Two, will it be 40GB? Three, will it still have backwards compatibility?

The New PS3: CECHG01 Model – A Few Unforementioned Details

  • Sporty

    I wouldn’t be surprised if it is the long rumored $399 system and 80GB down to $499. But since this is a German announcement it might be something else.

    Since the new model seems to have wifi (actually better then the current models) about the only thing they can take out to lessen the price is the card readers again. The rumors about removing BC is retarded since it’s done in software on firmware updates, doesn’t cost anything extra to provide that, and actually would be more of a hassle to take out then leave in) Not a bad deal since you can upgrade you Hard drive to 160GB for about $100. I don’t think I’ve ever used more then 2 USB devices at once (mainly keyboard and mouse, unless I’m charging a controller but rarely use KB/Mouse)

    They really need to re-adjust the price in the EU and Australia to either match the JP price or the US one.

  • MeeToo

    I bet it’s the $399. The one they say have no USB or CardReader. Just a guess.

  • Sporty

    The FCC files already state 2 USB instead of the normal 4. So that’s already confirmed.

    They had to at least give one USB for Controller charging. But cutting the number to 2 isn’t that big of a deal since you can get a USB hub for next to nothing and expand to as many as you want from a single connector.

    I actually use a USB hub on my PS3 since my lame Sharkboard only has a 4ft cable. The Hub gives me another 6 feet an 3 more connectors.

  • Yeah, the usb isnt an issue since you can buy a hub. And neither is the card reader since you can buy a usb card reader. Because the PS3 readily recognizes any usb based storage, there should be no issues. If the 80 drops to 499 and this one to 399, I would probably go the route of the 399, but solely depending on what exactly is left out. I could finally stop playing my brothers.

  • I went and checked the linked article and documents and the new PS3 models spec sheet is at:

    I wondered about the monitor connected to that system. Mitsubishi doesn’t sell electronics around here. Well not that I know of at least. I checked the L250LG monitor and apperantly it has a resolution of 1680×1050. Isn’t it odd to hook up such a monitor to a 1080p system in the specs? I’m probable missing something here.

    Also, the voltages are stated to be 120V @ 60 Hz which indicates US market. Sony also has the habbit of giving each product it’s own unique number. With the new psp even if the difference is only the color of the product, it gets it’s own unique model number.

    Is there a way to find similar documentation on a model that will be released in the EU or JP market?

  • Darrin

    Looks like Ozymandias will win his bet with N’Gai if there is a $399 model by Thanksgiving.

    The only thing that throws me off is the single SKU issue:If they have a $399 40GB model, will they also have a $499 80GB model? Didn’t Sony say that they are returning to a single SKU?

  • Sporty

    Kinda Darrin, But they stated they were phasing out the 60gb, not that they were going single SKU for the sake of being single.

    Seems the 60GB price drop was mainly to get the PS2 hardware cleared out of the PS3s. From all reports, if announces the 40GB system at the rumored $399 then the 80GB should be dropping the extra games and hit the current 60GB price.

    And Sleepy, choice of TV is the FCCs since they did the testing of the new system. That’s just the report from their own test. The probably care more about interference and frequency levels then how sweet NBA look. Probably have to wait till the announcement. Either Oct 12th from that German article, or November 16 from the FCC classified request runs out and all the information that was withheld becomes public. Doubt you will see any leaks like this outside the US. If it wasn’t for the FCC it wouldn’t be known what was happening. And if they didn’t change the wifi signals it wouldn’t have needed to be tested like a new product.

  • Skate is also released in the UK on Oct 12th for the PS3.

    I’ll be getting that. 8)

    Er…carry on.

  • Sporty

    I think you nailed it Gary.

    Oct 12’s Big bang announcement is Skate. Phil will probably walk up to the podium and say on sale …. NOW

  • derrickgott007

    Why would anyone give two thoughts about the power usage? If that’s seriously an issue that is worrying some people then they need to look at their plasma tv or lcd tv and see how much of an energy hog those are….