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Will PS3 UT3 Still Ship in 2007? |

Midway released a financial statement that suggests a delay:

The changes are primarily to reflect Midway’s decision to release Stranglehold for the PLAYSTATION® 3 computer entertainment system in the fourth quarter rather than the third quarter, the expected movement of Unreal Tournament 3 for the PLAYSTATION 3 system into the first quarter of fiscal 2008,

However, Epic Games VP Mark Rein says that they are still aiming to ship the PS3 version in 2007:

As a public company, Midway felt an obligation to its shareholders to let them know about the possibility of a delay. But our goal is still to get the PS3 version of UT3 in stores before the end of 2007. However, we will only ship it once it’s ready and is the best game we can deliver. The PC version is still on track for a November release.

UPDATE: Apparently, the forum thread that we linked to was removed from Epic’s site. No idea what that implies.

  • Sporty

    Seems Mark is now saying the PS3 version will contain all PC maps now that they have more development time.

  • It seems to me that this game may still ship in 07, but it may be in december. Its seems more and more like 08 will be the PS3’s year. Just think of how many high profile games will be coming in 08, and with the 360 having already blown its load with Halo, its the ps3’s time to shine. There is MGS4, MGS online, Killzone 2, true GT5, Imfamous, Socom, Little Big Planet, Home, GTA4, Final Fantasy 13, Motorstorm 2, Tekken 6, and many others. There is alot for sony in 08.

  • Too much speculation, as the thread from sporty was deleted…

    But I also say, PC version for the win (includes editor, which is very much fun!!)

  • Nathaniel

    I do think that many of the games that have been moved to early next year are simply because of the packed winter release schedule. All platforms have some stellar titles dropping before Dec 07 and if you have created a game you want it sell the most possible, you arent going to go up against Mario, or R&C for example, so to maximize profit you wait a bit, polish the game and release when its quite for the most amount of sales.

    I dont think delays for the PS3 are because of problems with the games or development etc its just that so many are coming out they want to find a window to sell the most, 360 has just had its biggest game release so from now until GTA they can release any time and know that they will sell, PS3 on the other hand has a lot of stuff coming out and a crowed release schedule (which is a good thing)…. gives us more time to save, and actually play the games we buy before the next big one lands….