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Metal Gear Solid 4 In-depth Video Interview |

Confirmation then that the game will be released by the end of March ’08 at the latest and it’s the last chapter involving Solid Snake…

Metal Gear Solid 4 In-depth Video Interview

  • MetalProxy

    Ohh man…Snake is forever king.

  • I can hear the MGS theme playing now.

    Oh well, it’s best end the series instead of milking it to death.

  • Yeah, ending a series is often times better… Just look at how bland Splinter Cell got (imho!)

  • Dartmerc

    I haven’t watch this yet, but are they actually confirming this is the end of the Metal Gear series, or just the end of Solid Snakes saga?
    Everything i’ve read and heard just states that this is the end of his story.
    I’ve even heard hideo kojima refer to this as the final chapter in the Solid Snake trilogy, (MGS1, MSG2, MGS4), but it doesnt make much sense to me considering 2 was more about raiden, and MG1 and 2 were about solid snake too..
    And what does ending a series mean, ending the timeline, or not making more games? Because I’d bet money more MPO games are coming out, and it could be argued that those aren’t really spin-offs

  • chrysostom

    I like the flash back cutscenes but I’d hope that they improve the graphics instead of just reusing the old cutscene. Seems kinda cheesy.

  • At leas they provide flashbacks. My biggest criticism of the halo franchise (this criticism can be applied to the star wars prequels and the matrix sequels) is that the story is so in love with itself and the world it has created, that it forgets that you have to be engaged with it, it just assumes you already are. It doesnt remind you of things or make the story accessible to newcomers, it forgets to give the average person a reason to care so much, it just assumes you do. At least MGS4 seems to acknowledge there are people who haven’t been religiously following the Metal Gear plotline, and the a story can be both deep for diehard fans of the plot, and open so that people new to the series can understand whats is going on.

  • The MGS theme is the greatest them of any video game ever. I have it on my phone. 8)