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GC, PS3, and 360 Sales |

I’ve heard lots of talk recently about PS3 sales versus the GameCube. So I thought I’d look at the chart over at VG Chartz, and compare the consoles’ sales. It looks like the GC is tracking worse than both the PS3 and 360, who are tracking roughly the same.

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Anybody know how accurate this info is?

Game Chartz – Nintendo – Sony – Microsoft – Hardware Comparison Charts

  • jwspiker

    believe the negative GC comparison was only comparing sales in the USA.

  • ehandlr

    Its hard to compare apples to peanut butter sandwhiches. The GC has its own sets of problems while the PS3 has its own. PS3’s problems are easily pointed out.

    1. No games
    2. Price

    Gamecubes problem is also easy to idenfify.

    1. No 3rd party support

    We all know that PS3’s number 1 problem is just a waiting game. Eventually the PS3 will have a huge list of great games. Thats a 100% fact.

    Price also seems to be recitifying itself. Already we are hearing rumors and news on the 40 gig that is to be $399/£299.

    In the end…only time will tell. I just believe the PS3 was released 1 year too early and its just playing catchup like the PSP is doing as we speak.

  • MeeToo

    Gamecube has a very powerful competition at its time: PS2.

  • Ya, the PS2 already had sold 20mil units before the GC or XBox were launched.

    VGChartz is as accurate as it gets without inside knowledge and NPD et al subscriptions.

    I find it a bit funny, the PS3 gets bashed, as it “only” sold as well as the GC, but the 360 also does sell around the same.

    The hop in the Xmas 06 numbers of the 360 are merely stuffed market numbers, hence they don’t mean shit (i.e. not to customers but to retail)

    If anything, the PS3 sells as bad as the 360 does, and that with 2 contestants AND a higher price.

  • Rjcc

    We could mention vgchartz “announcement” that 360 sales outpaced the wii the halo launch, but we won’t, because their estimates are pretty much worthless no matter who they say is leading, and we’ll wait for something a lot more concrete.

    “VGChartz is as accurate as it gets without inside knowledge and NPD et al subscriptions.” except it isn’t. if you go on gaf, average people’s guesses at npd numbers every month, it would be more accurate than vgchartz.

    just make up numbers on your own and call them good.

  • derrickgott007

    you can’t trust any website that uses the “extreme Z” instead of the letter s. All credibilty goes out the window with that usage.

  • Obviously some people don’t like VGChartz. So what?

    The question still remains: are these numbers accurate? Yes? No? Does anybody have information that says these numbers aren’t accurate?

  • derrickgott007

    Accurate?? No…. Just go to NEOGAF and read the forums….They will tell you plainly that VG Chartz is VG junk when it comes to acccurate numbers….They have even been accused of fudging numbers for monetary gain.

  • MeeToo,, ndp, exit-polls, surveys…: they are there to make some educated guess numbers and statistics that can at least gives some trend on how the market goes.

    It’s not like we’re reading some Horoscope that comes from fart. These data may be incomplete or not accurate… but at least it gives something of an idea. Just don’t put your stock on it.

  • ehandlr

    NeoGaf is another forum…full of both smart people and idiots. Just because some insiders lurk in there and post info from time to time doesn’t mean to take the forum as Gospal. Hell more then half of them are idiots just like any other forum.

  • jwspiker

    i’m fairly certain that any comparision listing the ps3 vs the gamecube vs the 360 are going to be all regions, when you only show the usa, the ps3 will probably be on par with the GC , but behind the 360’s growth for it’s life cycle.

    THe one thing i think MS is fudging is if the number of shipped units include replacement units, if 30% of 360 users have hand repairs, and lets say 1/3 of those received entirely new unts, thats a large amount of 360’s that were scrapped that were included in that original total.

  • Sporty is actually worse then guessing. The idiot that runs that site has it set up on time increments. Not actual sales.

    Example, every day add x amount to number. You would be more accurate reading clouds.

    VGcharts is semi-accurate, but they take Gek, NPD etc numbers and adds them up. Sometimes they miss a report.

    NPD are as accurate as you can get apart from quarterly results from the manufactures. But they don’t take into account some of the largest retailers and online shops. So their numbers are a reflection, but always lower then real sales.

    Hardware makers quarterly number are as accurate as you can get, but you have to know if they are reporting shipped to retail or sold through. Nintendo reports sold, Sony used to report shipped so that was always inflated since the retail channel is full of the same systems that were counted. They changed that policy this year so their numbers are now more accurate of actual owners, That’s why their reports went from 5 million to 3 million in April.
    Microsoft reports shipped. That’s why they were able to hit 10 million last December, but weren’t selling jack till may when retailer were finally clearing out enough stock to reorder. They recently reported 11.6 million sold and this is the October. That should tell you how much they shoved down retailers mouths to reach their 10 million projection last year.

  • ehandlr

    jwspiker..those are NA sales they are referring to. however from my understanding that during the release of the GC, it also incorporated Canada’s number in the NA number. So basically its an unfair advantage in the comparison anyways.

  • Sorry, was in a hurry back then…

    What I meant with “as good as it gets” is, that there are no other reliable sites anyhow. GI.Biz is a serious site, but they usually also only post NPD, GFK etc. and nothing else. So, who to believe?

    I’d say noone, because all of them have an agenda of their own. Like I said, WW sales of 360 PS3 and GC are nearly identical, meaning, the 360 sold rather bad in its first year (just like the PS3, but it also had 2 opponents AND a higher price).

    And, regarding shipped and sold numbers… Sony changed it from shipped (out of the factory) to sold (to retailers). This is rather accurate in the long term, as retailers don’t order more than they can sell. In short term, it is not accurate at all (because all retailers need stock first, so the initial numbers will be much higher). I believe, this is the same method Nintendo always used. This is also “stock trade law”. I believe, they either had to change it or wanted to change it, I cannot tell exactly.

    Now my opinion on all of this. I find it rather rediculous to say, the PS3 does bad, based solely on US numbers. Yes, the US market is very big (about on par with Europe, at least compared to last generation, the US and EU market sold about the same numbers of PS2s), but it is not the end of all means. The PS3 does slower in the US, but does as good as the 360 in the EU and does much better in Japan (which also is a very big market too). Since the PS3 IS a japanese based console, the home market is very important. If the 360 bombed in the US, they would have no real market left so to speak. On average, the PS3 does just as good as the 360 (or rather bad imho, compared to the PS2, which sold nearly 20mil consoles in its first year, mostly in japan alone). In Europe, the PS3 has sold just as many consoles as the 360 in 2007, with ~13weeks LESS time in market. Ok, there was the PS3 launch, where they sold about 55% of that, but still, this is an amazing feat for a latecomer.

    And we are in a world wide market. Square Enix once said, they do nearly all their profits in Japan, as many western publishers are very greedy. So naturally, they are much more Sony/Nintendo centered. I think, for MS, Japan is just a costly PR initiative. They don’t sell any consoles there, but they need the publishers, and not selling in their homemarket would scare them away.

  • jwspiker

    must also be noted that in the 1st year, in japan the ps2 was released in march, so had another 6 months or so

  • Dartmerc

    Yeah, i’ve always been curious if replacement xbox2s are counted to the shipped numbers released by microsoft.
    Can anyone confirm this?

  • Well, if MSs numbers account for shipped into the channel (i.e. retail and storage), then actually yes.

    This is MERE SPECULATION on my side, as I have no inside knowledge. I mean, Why would MS make extra shipments only for the exchange boxes? Also, the ones who bought the extended warranty in their stores would account for exchanged units, as they are taken out of their “bought for sale” inventory.

    But then again, who knows how this stuff works. Maybe those units get deducted. But I somehow think, this is not the case (anywhere, not only MS). These are manager decisions and thus reflecting business decisions, meaning “higher sales numbers reflect bigger success and market penetration”. I could also be a mutual assured lie so to speak… All do it, noone talks about it.

  • derrickgott007

    Replacement 360’s are INDEED counted as units shipped. This debate was discussed at Neogaf and also on the microsoft boards a while back.

    Of course they ship more 360’s….but look at the failure rate….Its what, damn near 50-60% for the xbox 360? More if you count multiple failures from the same customers…… And PS3’s failure rate is less than .02% Yes, that is correct, .02%.

  • Rjcc

    I don’t know how they’d be sure of that, and with replacement 360’s being almost entirely (or entirely) refurbished units, I don’t see how they could get away with counting the same box twice, so it doesn’t really matter.