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Very Cool PS3 Website |

This is part of the “PLAYSTATION 3 Brand Campaign” click here to view to website. Just move your mouse over the Blu-ray logo, Uncharted or the Heavenly Sword Logo and watch the PS3 morph and move, and they show you a movie. Cool animation 🙂 I’m sure more will be added to this in time as well.

PLAYSTATION 3 Brand Campaign Kicks Off

  • Sarlac

    not working in firefox… fail

  • Sporty

    works for me on firefox

  • Kaddas

    WoOoW, I can stop WoOoWing, I love it how is the PS3 transfer Physically upon your choose, Blu-Ray, Uncharted and Heavenly Sword.

    I’m Still WoOoWing. Sorry I can’t stop it. I Love it

  • Sarlac

    oh… adblock is zapping it. lol

  • Sporty

    well technically it is an ad lol

  • Wanted to say too, adblock caps the whole page 😀

  • And to add to that, the ad is “broken”. Both roll overs (HS and UC) show the same HS vid for me^^

  • Nathaniel

    Saw a great TV advert for PS3 last night, featuring Heavenly Sword gameplay and it was ingame footage no rendered screens or CVG. The voice over talked about the power of the PS3 making games faster and bluray making them bigger, it was a very good advert and if i didnt already own a PS3 it would have made me interested, these type of adverts along with the price drop are going to make a good holiday season for PS3. The cream of the crop in terms of PS3 games hasn’t arrived yet…..

    Who ever got the maketing job at Sony did a good job with this, no exploding grenades or flying money, just game shots and beautiful ones at that……

  • It works fine for me, its just a banner ad, but an awesome animated one. At least sony seems to understand how confused people were with the campaign of last year, so this time they seem to be more focused on showing just whats out there for the console.

  • derrickgott007

    Its about time they start to advertise the PS3….I am tired of seeing ads for the Douchebox 360 everywhere I look…even on PS3 sites!