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PS3 Guitar Hero III Uses Dongle? |

Have you ever heard of the PS3? You know, the console with lots of cool standardized features? Like a standard SATA HDD that’s removable? Four standard USB ports. A standard HDMI 1.3 connection. Oh, and one more standard – Bluetooth.

Gosh, I wonder why Activision didn’t just use the standard Bluetooth available in the PS3 for their Guitar Hero III PS3 wireless guitars?

Instead the force us to plug in some ugly dongles into our USB ports! Man, this sucks.

Wired has the pic at the link below. They also say:

The dongles have sync buttons on them, so you can just tap the button on your controller, then on the dongle to sync them up — perfect if you have more than one controller.

Crap crap crap.

Pics: Guitar Hero III’s PS3 Dongle Dangles

  • derrickgott007

    Not a problem for me….I don’t mind a dongle. Dongle or cord?? Dongle that stays out of the way?? Or cord that limits my rocking out?? I’d say dongle wins hands down on a poll….. Make a poll for the side bar asking if people want a dongle or a wired guitar, we’ll see real quick that the dongle debate is a moot point.

  • Dongle or chord?

    Wha …. ?

    Try NEITHER dude!

  • derrickgott007

    Maybe to license the bluetooth would have driven cost up?? There has to be some reason why they chose dongles.

    The word Dongle still makes me laugh….I have a hard time saying “Dongle” in a serious tech conversation at work.

  • Harmonix seemed to do fine with their guitar. It even costs $20 less than the 360 wireless one.

  • liar

    I agree that’s pretty stupid. I’ve never been into these games but was considering one of them.. no sale for me if it requires some stupid dongle hanging out of my system. Pass. What a bunch of idiots quite frankly. Get with the program guys.

  • derrickgott007

    That is the stupidest reason to not buy I have ever heard…sorry to say but it is.

  • liar

    Like I said I’ve never bought them before…it’s their job to please me by lowering the barriers to entry .. not the other way around.

    If they don’t do that then they don’t get my money.

    Same reason I’ve been waiting for the right blu-tooth keyboard instead of a usb dongle based one.

    Nothing stupid about it..if you accept mediocrity then the mfgs will keep giving it to you…to me that’s stupid and fed by people who put up with it. It’s not like I don’t have a huge number of other games to play this holiday season either.

    Our entire A/V system is visible in the living room and some dongle hanging out doesn’t cut it…especially since it was avoidable.

  • Sporty

    BlueTooth in an industry wide standard, It should be cheaper to just use the standard then some extra crap like a dongle.

    Adding extra hardware when it’s not needed is pretty dumb. Rock Band isn’t going this route as far as I know.

    I’ve never bought a music game of any kind before so no loose for me. I do remember reading about how Rock Band guitar is compatible with GH3 but not the other way around since RB uses more buttons. Might be a way around this if you look into both.

  • However, this allows the Guitar Hero wireless ps3 guitar to work on PS2’s as well because of this dongle.

  • Is that confirmed? I know that you will NOT be able to play GH1 and GH2 PS2 Guitar Hero games on the PS3 with the guitar. Which sucks.

  • derrickgott007

    Best Line ever about the USB dongle for Guitar Hero 3…..From

    “While the PS3 uses the superb wireless Bluetooth standard offering open compatibility, free love and unicorn rides, Red Octane’s Guitar Hero III controllers will not play so nice. Apparently they are working on a non-Bluetooth wireless standard requiring USB dongles that hang out the front of your PS3 like skinny mutant phalli.”

  • You know that sometimes random issue about controllers disconnecting? Well, the dongle would be the solution to that problem(if it affected you in the first place).

    That’s my assumption.

  • Supposedly PS3 has had trouble distinguishing between two different bluetooth microphones in Singstar, and that might have been the reason why Singstar for PS3 has been delayed.

    Could Guitar Hero have had the same problem? Maybe the dongles are Red Octanes answer to that problem? Supposedly it is possible to overcome this problem, but Red Octane might not have wanted to spend the time and money to do so, and instead opted for a, for them, cheaper and easier solution?

  • wondR

    i heard that sony dsnt allow third party developers to use the bluetooth, is this correct?

    the looks of it dsnt bother me, but it really suck coz my ps3 always confuse EVERY single usb port active as controller 1-2-3 and so on, so i always have to reassign the controllers, and that sux..

  • Dartmerc

    i usually have a controller charging, I use the PS3 to charge my PSP which I always have plugged in when not in use, and a usb dongle for my keyboard and mouse, and one for my 4th mad catz controller.
    This is bad for me, althought I obviously won’t be using the other mad catz controller or the keyboard so i could unplug them, but I don’t want to worry about plugging/unplugging stuff everytime I want to play the game.
    As far as i’m concerned, they’ve used this solution because they’re probably developing a similar thing for xbox2.
    I don’t think the singstar mike issue effects this, those mikes are sending some pretty crazy information down the line, guitars are basically just controllers.

  • Darrin

    Do we know that Rock Band’s guitar controller will work without a dongle?

  • No, we don’t know that. There were even reports of a dongle at one point, though it didn’t look like a final version.