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Quake Wars Teamwork Video |

I’ve been keeping my eye on Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. It’s not on my purchase list right now, but it’s definitely on my rent-it-and-see list. The video below mentions that the game is about how well you work together with your teammates, and that this is more critical than individual ability. As well, it mentions objectives that, once gained, cannot be taken back by the enemy. That must be very satisfying if you obtain the objective, but very very frustrating if you’re denied it.

Anyway, here’s the video. Click the link below to see the HD version. – Quake Wars – Objective: Teamwork HD

  • Gary

    I read somewhere that there’s no voice chat in the PC version.


    Any online game that doesn’t have voice chat or the option to chat freely with your friends and doesn’t force me to use PTT, will not be bought by me.

  • derrickgott007

    So this is indeed a FPS?? For some reason the name Enemy Territory: Quake Wars keeps screaming RTS game to me…

  • wondR

    feels abit like wow AV.. just 2 groups (1 horde, 1 ally) that pushes for the end not encountering eachother that much, mby 10 out of 40 defend if lucky!

    or is it just me?

    hopefully it wont be the case, seems like a great game