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Sony announces new 40GB PS3 at €399 |

Sony today announces the new 40GB model. We only have the European press release to go by, so no word yet on North America. Prices:


£299 – 40GB
£349 – 60GB value pack

Rest of Europe:

€399 – 40GB
€499 – 60GB starter pack

Would any Europeans like to comment on those prices? Good? Bad?

There will be no PS2 backwards compatibility in the new 40GB. There is no mention of the Dualshock 3.

[Edit: I’ll be giving my thoughts on the new PS3 once it’s been announced for the NA market. I know there’s an assumption there, but I’ll go with it for now….]


Press release:

London, 5 October 2007 – Sony Computer Entertainment Europe SCEE today announced details of its exciting new PLAYSTATION®3 PS3™ model that will launch throughout the SCEE territories on 10th October 2007 at the highly attractive price of €399.

Providing an incredibly appealing entry point to the world of High Definition gaming and entertainment for the holiday season, the new PS3 brings the next generation of interactive home entertainment to homes all across Europe, Middle East, Africa and Australasia.

Along with an ever expanding line-up of PS3 titles a total of 65 titles tracking across all genres by Christmas, the new PS3 is equipped with a 40GB HDD and includes all the features central to the High Definition entertainment experience; true next generation gameplay, stunning High Definition Blu-ray Disc™ movies, SIXAXIS™ wireless controller, Wi-Fi and HDMI connectivity, all powered by the Cell Broadband Engine™, the digital heart of PS3.

As with the 60GB PS3, the new PS3 features upgradeable firmware allowing new features and functionality to be added to the system as time progresses. A recent firmware update, for example, enabled PS3 to upscale DVDs played on the system to full 1080P High Definition.

The introduction of the new PS3 has been determined following user feedback from thousands of existing PS3 owners as well as research into future potential PS3 owners. The new model features two USB 2.0 ports rather than four and no longer includes the multi memory card port.

The new model is no longer backwards compatible with PlayStation®2 titles, reflecting both the reduced emphasis placed on this feature amongst later purchasers of PS3, as well as the availability of a more extensive line-up of PS3 specific titles a total of 65 titles across all genres by Christmas.

The existing Starter Pack, comprising a 60GB PS3 with extensive backwards compatibility, an additional SIXAXIS wireless controller and two first party titles will be reduced in price to €499. Remaining on sale while stocks last, the 60GB model represents outstanding value for the keen gamer wishing to upgrade to the High Definition capabilities of PS3.

“The introduction of the new PS3 has been the result of extensive research into the entertainment needs and preferences of the next generation of PS3 owners,” said David Reeves, President of SCEE. “It has allowed us to deliver an extremely advanced, yet incredibly affordable High Definition gaming and entertainment system, configured to the needs of the next generation of European PS3 owners. PS3 has always been the device of choice for the discerning gamer and entertainment seeker, and the new PS3 is more than ever the perfect High Definition entertainment system.

In the UK and Ireland, the Starter Pack will be replaced by a separate in-store promotion on the 60GB PS3.

Sony announces new 40GB PS3 to launch at €399

  • ehandlr

    The 40 gig is the same price as the Elite now in UK.

  • I dont understand the no backwards compatibility thing. It was a software solution, what do they save in costs by leaving it out?

    I think they are using it as a differentiating factor between the two sku’s, many complained that there wasnt much of a value difference between models. So they seem to be position the 40gb as an entry level option, and the 60gb for those who want the memory card slots, the extra two usb ports, 20 extra gbs of memor, and backwards compatibility.

    So does this means that the 60gb is re-emerging, with software backwards compatibility?

  • liar

    There was still some hardware involved with the BC, it wasn’t all done in software.

  • MeeToo

    I don’t really care for the BC. This is a great news… the consumers’ won!!! Soon, 360 will follow suit.

  • I don’t think so. Microsoft already announced their prices cuts in, what, August? It’s too soon now for another round. They might do some bundling stuff, though.

  • Sporty

    I believe the 60GB models only took out the EE chips and moved that to software, leaving in the GPU and others in hardware.

    This new move take out the rest of the PS2 hardware. I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t move to software GPU emulation and bring it back slowly over time, simlar to how 360 does it. But they might just leave it be.

    As much as it might suck having 2 versions of the PS3 with one stripped down entry level model, this actually makes more since then the 360 core/arcade to developers. Every PS3 is still the same, every one still has a HDD to use it only changes last gen games.

  • Darrin

    This is definitely too stripped down for my tastes. But if consumers really want a cheaper model, this is way better than the older 20GB model: includes WiFi and 40GB HDD at the expense of PS2 BC and two out of four USB ports.

  • Yeehaw, my source was correct^^ I was shopping today and I friend of mine is the head guy of the electronics and music department (i.e. consoles and cds and dvds). They got a BIG delivery today from Sony, which they must not open before Sunday.

    The prices are GREAT. 400€ for a fully fledged gaming console PLUS a BDROM player (including WiFi and 40GB HDD). I find it a bit sad, that they had to drop BC, but I do not think to many people ever use it (I nearly never used it on my PS2 to play PS1 games).

    Yesterday, I friend of mine asked, if he should get a PS3 (mainly because of GT5 etc.)… I told him to wait… And the wait is now over, less than 24hrs later 😀

    This will be a HUGE holiday for Sony! I just hope, they don’t stick to the 70€ pricetag for first and second party game, or else I will not buy a single full priced game (except some like GT, MGS and FF). And I do also believe, people like Square Enix knew this beforehand. The trailers at TGS spoke a direct language 😀

  • Rjcc

    Everybody knew they had to do something, and this is it. It’s interesting to see how rapidly sony has backpedaled from BC as a priority 100% feature, to limited, to absolutely nothing in under a year’s time. I just wonder why they ever bothered with it in the first place, if it had been left in the mockups with the 2nd hdmi port and wireless router, they could have launched at a cheaper price and would almost certainly have moved more units by now.

    I don’t think people will even get what the removal of BC means for the most part, and at this pricepoint it offers a really nice package if you’re interested in blu-ray.

  • derrickgott007

    I have no problem with the removal of BC for PS2 games. It will force developers to spend that time and money on ONE version of a sony game…not two. I imagine that Stuntman Ignition would have been better if developed only on the PS3. Same with the nascar series……it will also force people to buy a PS3.

    Also, the fact the there is two less usb ports is fine…I rarely use more than two ports, and if I need more i’ll get a usb hub.

    If this can push more systems then that will cause the influx of more games. Only time will tell.

  • ehandlr

    The emulation software had to be liscensed. They did not have to purchase the additional liscenses which help cut the price down

  • NO?

    The EU PS3s had the GS left for emulation. The rest was done in software, developed by an internal Sony group (well no shit, they have all the docs to do so)

  • ehandlr

    The liscense information was released by Maguire of SCEE. I took it from his quotes.

  • I can’t wait for the announcement here in NA markets. Backward compatibily is really not important, what good title has been announced for the PS2 lately?

  • Darrin

    PS2 BC is a must for me. Some of the best 2007 games (GoW2) and most anticipated 2007 games (Manhunt 2) are on PS2 but not PS3. I also don’t want to keep multiple units hooked up. But then again, I already have a PS3 unit that does this and people who really want PS2 BC still have the option of getting that.

    Lack of BC is a definite down point, but I guess they have to set priorities.

    I don’t see why they don’t develop a 100% software BC solution. I’m sure it can be done given the processing power of the PS3.

  • ehandlr

    If they don’t add PS2 emulation…they should release Linux PS2 emulation via PS3 to the public for homebrew

  • The Prince Of Ecuador

    The question is: when will they be dropping the price of the 60gb version? 10th October is all well and good but it’s a bit strange to announce a price cut and let people continue to purchase the old 60gb version at the old price in the meantime.

    It’s a question close to my heart since I’m yet looking to purchase my first ps3 🙂

  • ehandlr

    60 gig version did get a price drop in the UK. Its being phased out just like in NA

  • The Prince Of Ecuador

    ehandlr: Yes, that sounds great… but what will happen between now and the 10th of October? Is the 60gb price drop effective immediately?

  • I don’t see the issue w/the drop of BC. Most everyone who wants a PS3 has a PS2. I still have my PS1 and PS2.

  • ehandlr

    While its kind of a cheap way out….its not like people don’t have the option. They can purchase a PS3 with or without BC.

  • Emrah

    This is a good move by Sony, -if- they keep the BC option in higher models.

  • Backwards compatability is simultaneously a big deal and not a big deal for me. I like the feature being there, but never really use it. I still have a perfectly working launch ps2 to play them on. You have two choices for backwards compatability, buy the higher sku, or spend the money saved on buying the low end model to buy a slim ps2, which will probably drop to 99 sometime this holiday season.

  • John

    The 40gb will still have BC it will just be software emulation like the new 80gb

  • I haven’t really played any PS2-games on my PS3.

    Except for various Singstar-titles and Timesplitters: Future Imperfect, but that was because of the co-op option.

    When Singstar for PS3 eventually comes out, I probably won’t be playing the PS2 version again.

    When I bought the PS3 back in March when it came out in Europe, BC was a huge deal for me, but as it turns out, I actually haven’t really used it.

  • wondR

    the 60gb pricedrop is almost nothing, in sweden we have a huge value-added tax (VAT) on 25% and the price on ps3 is already down to 550€.. so for it to go down 50€ dsnt count for much imo..

    but the 400€ model is just awesome, hopefully i can convince some friends of my to buy it now so i dont have to be on the PSN all alone..

  • ehandlr

    John…there will be no BC in the 40 gig announced by Sony. only PS1 BC…all PS2 BC has been completely removed even beyond software emulation.

  • Pc

    Awesome news, now maybe more people will be able to afford one. I have had my 60gb version for about 9 months now 🙂

  • Sporty

    I wouldn’t say it’s ‘beyond software emulation’

    You can play PS2 games on a PC now a days. It’s just that they would have to completely re-do their GS emulation and compatibility would be more limited. Taking it out now and adding it in a firmware update later isn’t out of the picture. No one knows the GS better then Sony since they designed their own chip, no licensing involved, it’s their own hardware.

    Also means they should have forecast this move and had preliminary emulation in software now, like GoW2, FFXII, Singstar, etc, since they don’t they might not want to bog down their firmware guys, if that’s the case then it’s not being worked on and shouldn’t be expected later.

    Either way. I’m just glad I got my 60gb last year with Full hardware BC. I sold my PS2 and still have a ton of older games. For those looking to buy one now you still have the 60gb models.

    This is really the first time early adapters don’t get shafted, but got a better system.

  • ehandlr

    Maybe I should have said “beyond simple emulation” I’m sure the Cell can emulate both the EE and the GS functions…its just I don’t see Sony building 2 emulation softwares due to two different sku’s.

  • Sporty

    Yea I see what you mean, however they already do that now, with the new 80GB lacking the EE hardware but the 60s and 20s having full hardware it’s not too different.

    I wouldn’t be too surprised if they don’t move to all software emulation and phase out all hardware in the near future. At least now they have partial hardware in one sku.

    I always wondered why they didn’t rip out the GS and keep the EE the first time. Probably for compatibility but the GS in software would be more likely to enhance BC graphics

  • The Prince Of Ecuador

    I phoned someone at GAME today to ask about the differences between the current 60gb bundle and the one that will be sold at a ‘reduced price’ from Wednesday. The current bundle is: 1 PS3, 2 Blu-Ray Movies, 2 Games, 1 Free Controller. The bundle that will be sold on Wednesday was something like: 1 PS3, 2 Games.

    He tried to convince me that the current bundle is in fact a _better deal_. Was he bullsh*tt*ng me? I can do math myself, but was he right about the bundles or just trying to convince me to purchase now?

  • Sporty

    It depends on what you want Prince.

    The 60s aren’t changing at all so hardware will be the same. If the 2 games are the same then they cancel each other out. Looks the extra controller and 2 movies are the main difference.

    You have to decide of the price saving Wednesday is worth more then the controller and 2 movies. If you want a Dualshock 3 that’s only a few months away so the extra controller wouldn’t be as worth it. Since you will have to replace it soon anyways.

    If you don’t like the movies or don’t have a HDTV or don’t think they are worth the extra € is worth the extras.

  • I waited on the purchase of my ps3 because of this new model. I must say that for me it is a bit of a dissapointment. I would have loved to have a SKU with more HD and lower prices. I waited long enough. I’m gona get myself a 60Gb version and then hook up another (bigger) HD.

  • I need to adjust my comment. Since the PS3 60Gb version did drop in price with a 100€. That makes me a very happy future ps3 owner. I’m gona get it this week or next week.

  • The New SKU is very good. I don’t really use the wireless options. Other than bluetooth. The WiFi is wasted on me, currently. The media ports don’t do anything for me either. The machine is solid and has been running folding since April.
    Onto the new machines. I hope that Sony bundles this with every new Bravia they sell. And they make a few other deals with other HDTV manufacturers to bundle ps3’s with their HDTV’s. Get them out there. $400 for a bluray player that also plays MSG and GT. BINGO. MOst people who bought a wii last year need something new for this Christmas. ps3 sales should get a nice boost. PAck in a good movie and it’ll help.

  • Sporty

    The new Hollywood reporter says the $399 PS3 should hit by Nov2. That seems to support the Best buy leak with the Oct 28th release with Spiderman3.

  • ava

    Wow, you guys seem rather excited by this. I cant figure out why though.

    All the good games on the ps3 are PS2 titles. Without BC, PS3 currently has no library worth anything. This ‘solution’ is lame. Sony needs to go back to making quality products instead of being greedy and trying to enforce their ulterior motives.

  • Troll much?