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40GB Model to Launch in US. |

While still not 100% official, PC World reports confirmation that Sony is definitely planning to launch the 40GB model in the US for $400. They suggest a rumored launch date of November 2.

If you were buying a PS3, which model would you prefer:

40GB Model 60GB Model 80GB Model
Hard Disk 40GB 60GB 80GB
PS1 Backwards Compatibility Full Full Full
PS2 Backwards Compatibility None Full In-between
USB Ports 2 4 4
Built-in Multi-Format Flash Card Reader No Yes Yes
Finish Matte Glossy Glossy
Movie Bundle 5 Movies 5 Movies 5 Movies
Game Bundle None None Motorstorm
Current Price N/A $500 $600
Speculated Near Future Price $400? $500? $500?

I’m putting my vote in the comments. Add your own…

  • Darrin

    I prefer the 60GB model by a landslide. The other models look like terrible deals in comparison. On the other hand, the sales charts show that my views are clearly in the minority. If the typical consumer thought like me, the PS3 would already be outselling it’s competition which is clearly not the case.

    Regarding BC: I’ve logged more time on my PS3 playing PS2 games than I have with PS3 titles with games like Bully, Okami, GTA:VCS, FFXII, Odin Sphere, God of War 2. I can’t wait for Manhunt 2. Also, I prefer playing PS2 software on a PS3 rather than an actual PS2: the virtual memory cards and the wireless controllers are nicer, plus I only need to keep one system hooked up.

  • Philip

    As time goes on, BC will be less important for me. I bought the PS2 at launch, and spent a few months finishing off PS1 games while waiting for better stuff than Fantavision or Wild Wild Racing.

    The PS3 has gone in a similar fashion, but there are far more PS2 games I haven’t finished playing yet. If the BC-free version was released in several years time, I doubt many people would kick up a fuss, but the timing seems premature.

  • Ya, I also think BC will be nearly forgotten once hits like MGS4 strike.

    I now also use my PS3 more for PS2 games than for PS3 games… I still only have MS (beside some shared and bought DLC).

    It is a bit early do drop BC imho (after Christmas would have been the perfect timing imho2), but it is still not THAT big of a deal, mostly haters bring up.

    Otoh, the big SKUs still have BC (I hope, they will still be produced in the future), so consumers choice is still there (maybe the units don’t sell and BC will be reintroduced into the 40GB?)

  • Sporty

    Possibly, but I still play PSOne games and PS2 games on mine.

    One thing from the various reports though. The new 40gb model has a lot stronger wi-fi then the current models. Probably due to remote play being used more now. Also Best buy lead had Spider man III as the pack in. Might be a BB exclusive, or limited run, similar to Talladega Nights.

  • Darrin

    So which model do you guys prefer?

  • I am definitely inclined to want the good ol 60gb PS3 if its still around when I am ready to buy. If not, I am more than fine buying the 80gb version. Having a PSP, digital cameras, etc. I like the idea of having those card slots. Also, BC isnt a huge deal for me, I only still have about 4 PS2 games, the rest were traded in as things came out, and of those only 1 will work on a limited compatability 80gb version (but since one of them is tekken 5, i can easily buy tekken 5 online from the PSN to deal with that). The others 3 games I havn’t cared enough to play them for a while so BC is no biggie for me.

    Even with BC not being an issue, Id like having the card reader and the extra USB. Is there any site that can actually conclude that USB card readers and USB hubs actually work on the PS3? I know alot of people say or assume they should easily work, but is there any blog or site that has actually tested this to know for certain?

  • Doesn’t look matte to me.

    Even though I would be interested having a PS3 that is not the kind of fingerprint collector as the current one or even worse the PSP.

  • I’m glad my 60GB has BC, and I use it for those games I can. But there are a few games I have that won’t work on the PS3, which is annoying. No Guitar Hero games (because of the controller). I can’t play Frequency or Amplitude, because the PS3 introduces slight lag that’s not there when I play through my PS2. F1 2001 doesn’t work. Yuck. They call this full BC?

  • I’d go for the 60gb model. The same one as I already have, except ofcourse mine is European, so I have the lesser BC.

  • derrickgott007

    I’m glad I bought a launch 60gb! I use the memory card slots all the time!