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Do you resent being an early adopter? | has run an interview that suggests this is an issue.

So, does anyone resent buying early?

As a U.S. customer, I definitely don’t. I might have resented if they were adding new features I wanted, but that definitely isn’t happening: both the 80GB and upcoming 40GB models are dropping features rather than adding them. Sure, if I waited, I would have gotten the $100 price cut and the five free Blu-Ray movie offer, but I have easily gotten at least that much entertainment value out of my PS3 in the nine months that I’ve owned it.

On the other hand, I’ve been holding off on an HDTV purchase for exactly this reason. If I bought an HDTV a year or two ago, and watched the prices drop $1000+ while the functionality has improved, I definitely would have regretted it.

I suspect few U.S. PS3 early adopters are resentful. Is this more of an issue in Europe? Anyone care to comment?

  • No I don’t regret being an early adopter.

    I knew exactly what I was buying when I got my PS3 not long after it’s UK launch and I knew the price would drop at some stage this year.

    I also don’t regret buying my 40″ 1080p HDTV when I bought it, despite it also dropping in price by almost £100.

  • synapse

    Personally i dont mind, as you said in your post that £125 i could have saved has easily earnt it self in the 7 months i have owned my system.

    if i didnt already own a ps3 the 40 gig version would still be a bargain. if you wanna play ps2 games buy a ps2 – you can pick them up for £40 in most game stores (used).

    Generally i dont think people will care to much about losing backwards compatability, if they do they should stick to playing ps3.

  • synapse

    oops , i meant ps2. blah!

  • I have never resented being an early adopter. I realize over time some things like game systems come down in price- it’s just a natural part of the electronics biz. By getting my system right away in November I have the full backward compatibility with the emotion engine chipset and all of the stuff that has been added in through the system updates.

  • Watcher

    No, I don’t mind being an early adopter. I have a 60 gb hdd, and full backward compatibility along with all of the stuff that was cut out of the 40 gb version. I also work in the tech field and it’s basically known that everyone who runs out and buy the first of any technology get bragging rights, but that’s about it. They lose when it comes to enhancements, price drops, etc. It’s just how things are.

    Having it early to me beats getting a deal a year + later. No matter when you buy it, the company is going to find a way to make it attractive to customers later so just get it when you can and be happy.

  • I’m not an early adopter, because I wanted to enjoy the ps3 from behind a 1080p HDTV (I’m considering the Sony 40W3000 atm). At the time that the ps3 was released there weren’t so many sets available and those that were came with 4000€ price tags, which was almost twice my budget.

  • Davey

    The only thing that I don’t like is that so many games are coming to the xbox 360 first that I was going to get for the PS3. I have both so now I have more 360 game then PS3. I would like to buy QUILITY games for may PS3. I am soo tired of these PS3 delays

  • babylon5

    I’m from Europe, I bougth the PS3 on launch
    and I’ve enjoyed it since the beginning,
    so I don’t regret the extra cost of being an early adopter.

    I was not happy with the BC support by software, but in the end I only played my PS2 titles just to see it they worked 🙂

    I understand that hardcore players would prefer to have BC
    but for other people, the ‘cheap’ PS3 is actually a very good option for having HD movies and gaming.

  • MetalProxy

    Oh hell no I dont resent buying mine early, SONY RULES !!! I do hate the fact that I have owned a 360 though. I have a HDTV but I cant wait for those million to one contrast HDTV’s to show up.

    Game On fella’s!

  • Not at all. For the drop in price. bah. The blue ray movies alone have been worth the price. This is just another article trying to ride the meme of people being pissed off as early iPhone adopters. It’s a lazy writing staff that tries to make a connection with a popular story. A whole lot of meh.
    I haven’t heard of any PS3 lawsuits or such nonsense.
    As early adopters we’re tech savvy enough to realize what the P3 is capable of. I knew that the PS3 was upgradable from the second I heard LINUX was going to be able to run on it. It’s a feature of the system. Yet to tech publications there were plenty of articles touting the fact that so many things were missing from the PS3, Upscaling, XMB in game. I know these things will come, Why? I’m smarter than the average consumer. So are the people that read this blog.
    But here’s the crux of my argument. Tech sites work by scaring people. It’s an advertising ploy. Have you guessed I’m a marketing and advertising strategist and probably the most cynical guy in Canada, possibly northeast N.A. If tech sites didn’t use leading headlines they would never get hits. and since most people skim articles a sense of dread about a product really helps readership. The bashing of the PS3 is about increasing PS3 readership not reducing it. If they told you the truth, Everything will be great come next October, PS3 wise. Would you be writing in forums, checking web pages, Filling ps3 forums with discussions. Thats all great news to websites they need the hits to sell to advertisers. And advertisers never check the websites, they just see the numbers. and 39 comments is more than 1 comment.
    Take these articles for what they really are. Page hit creators for websites. How many of you that read this post went to to read the article. Then ask yourself wold you have gone if it said. “Everything fine. PS3 selling to plan”

  • west coast ps3

    No, because I’ve been able to enjoy the PS3 for the past year, and it has been fun.

    Initially it was annoying because I had just finished buying new controllers and some new PS2 games for my PS2 unit, and they didn’t work that great on the PS3. It did not take long to sell that stuff though. I was able to recover most of the cost for my old PS2 by selling it (unlike today when you can get a brand new PS2 for what I sold my old one for…I imagine the value of used PS2s isn’t that great right now)

    So far I’ve been impressed with HDMI, with the media player, and with a few games. We still play PS2 games most of the time, but that is starting to change. If Square would hurry up and finish a PS3 Final Fantasy game that would be cool.


  • LarryG60

    I wouldn’t resent being an early adopter if Sony would finally fix the scaling issue with 720 only games on 1080i only TVs. I hate playing games at 480p.

  • I don’t regret it one bit. I’m very happy with my 60 GB PS3 (now 160 GB 🙂 ), having full backwards compatability is great. I like having 4 USB ports, memory cards slots, etc, etc. I do wish I could get in on that 5 free blu-ray movie deal, but oh well.

  • No regrets, but Sony could do an Apple and MS (i.e. compensate the early adopters with freebees^^). I mean, XBox buyers got 2 games and a pad and iPhone buyers got 100 USD…

  • Rui

    this time, i feel resented, because it was the first console i bought with my own money…

    however, when i found out that PES2008 would also be coming out for the 360 (and as good as the xbox version), i thought about getting the 360 instead.
    now that the ps3 is less expensive, i wouldn’t even have considered this: the ps3 represents way better value for the same money.

  • Most early adopters are well aware that the price will eventually come down, its the nature of the electronics industry. Early adopters pay a higher premium due to it being new technology thats expensive to produce. The more produced the cheaper it becomes to produce, pair that with a simultaneous practice of creating cost cutting measures will make the price go down. Anyone who has bought anything electronic can attest to that.

  • ehandlr

    I refuse to be anything BUT an early adopter. I love the learning/glitch phases. If I really want it…I’ll have it day 1.

  • Glitch phase… hahahah….

    No, seriously – I am European and so when the PS3 came out in Europe I took a holiday and bought it on day one.

    I was very happy about the PS3 then, and I still am. I know the risk of being an early adopter, namely that the product i’ll buy will be reduced in price at a later date. The catch with the PS3 though is, that the machine is also reduced.

    You can always wait for a better deal, but ultimately that also means, that you’ll never buy.

    In regards to the question of PS2-compatibility:

    I haven’t really played any PS2-games since I got my PS3, well except for Buzz and Singstar. And I’ve played TimeSplitters: Future Imperfect on co-op with a friend. But that’s it.

    If I want to play a PS2 game tghat doesn’t work on my PS3 I can always use my PS2-console.

    Chances are that those people with a PS3 40gb-model that wants to play a PS2-game already owns a PS2-console. So that shouldn’t be a problem. Otherwise they can buy a PS2 very cheap now. But why should they – unless they really really wanted to play a specific title.

    But they probably know that when they buy the PS3, because I am sure, that it will say on the box if the PS3 isn’t compatible with PS2-games.

  • i’m an early adopter in canada and i have no regrets, no resentment at all.

  • skootie

    No regrets. Still hopeful of another game on par with Resistance..soonish. Damn my optimism.

  • iFlash

    Nope.. I knew what I was getting for my money. I know plenty of people who want a PS3 and know its worth the money but just can’t afford it.

    @skootie — lets hope its uncharted

  • Huschke

    Im from Austria (Europe) and I’ve never regretted beeing an early adopter. Especially not with my PS3. Even though it looks like the PS3 might loose or at least ties with a console from a os-manufacturer at this “console war”, the PS3 is still a solid piece of hardware that brought me literally hundreds of hours of entertainment!

    The only time I’ve resented buying something too early, was when i first bought the old ugly version of my Nintendo DS. I’d been really pissed when Nintendo launched the brighter, lighter, longer lasting and way better looking version…! Thank god Sony hasn’t made that mistake……………………yet……………