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Everyday Shooter: This Thursday! |

Everyday Shooter

IGN reports that Everyday Shooter is hitting PSN this Thursday!

This game is one of the most highly regarded indie games around. Those who have played preview builds have raved about it. Also, despite being yet another dual stick shooter game, this title still seems highly creative, innovative, and experimental. Finally, we will get to see for ourselves this Thursday.

This game is somewhat unique in that it is created entirely by a single person. All the music, programming, graphics, and game design are done by a single creator. That’s quite impressive for a single person to be talented in so many areas.

Here’s a good overview + interview video:

Another Good Interview:
Level Up Interview with Jonathan Mak

  • Colour me interested.

    Super Stardust HD is THE best title currently available on the PSN , in fact it’s one of the best games on the PS3.

    This title looks like it could be a lot of fun but it will have it’s work cut out to beat the music from SS HD.

  • Emrah

    Super stardust HD is also my favourite PSN title. Tho I’d have preferred more levels to blast through.

  • Demo! Demo! Demo!

  • Darrin

    LocoRoco is definitely my favorite PSN title thus far. SSHD is great, but I already had my fill of that style of retro arcade action title years ago before the recent PSN/XBL revival.

    This game strikes my interest because of the interesting use of music and shapes.

  • derrickgott007

    How far different is LocoRoco Cocorechu from the PSP version?? I love the PSP version, and I just wanted to know if the PS3 version is just as fun.

  • Darrin

    I never played the PSP version, but from what I’ve heard, the two titles are quite different.

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