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Koreans to Turn PS3 Into IPTV Set-Top Box |

Koreans will be able to use their PS3’s to download and view IPTV content. Check out the article below from Korea Times. Here’s a snippet:

The PS3 console will act as a set-top box for KT’s Internet Protocol TV service (IPTV), named Mega TV. The companies didn’t disclose the detailed price plans for the service.

IPTV is a high-definition TV broadcasting service that allows users to download programs via broadband Internet and play them on TVs at any time they want.

I think this is quite cool. As a matter of fact, I theorized about this kind of thing a long time ago, with my post about Joost.


I still think it would be a good idea for those Joost dudes to port a client over to the PS3. Maybe then I’d use it more often, because frankly, I don’t care for watching TV on my laptop or PC. I’m in the beta for Joost, and I have to say it’s cool. But they really need to improve their selection of programming, because I really can’t find anything I’m interested in watching.

PS3 to Debut as IPTV Set-Top Box(The Korea Times)

  • skootie

    With the huge library of movies that Sony seems crazy that they are not selling their movies even just on the normal PSN-Store. Your Joost suggestion is very interesting. Using the tech, you could watch full movies from the Sony catalogue, with brief interruptions from targeted advertising. Alternatively, pay to own without ads. Oh well, I guess Korean IPTV on the PS3 is a first step.

  • Sporty

    Korea also had the 80GB version first. It’s a given fact that IPTV is coming to PS3 sometime next year. They’ve hinted at it. made a soft announcement during GDC and talked about why they are waiting till they can have the best solution before going public.

    This is one of the things I don’t agree with Sony about. They said they don’t want to just ‘dump’ content on PSN. I think if they just started to dump some PSOne games and video/music content and build up from their a lot of users would be happy. Those that don’t care wont buy it but it’s not like it’s taking up self space.

    Australia is also testing music video downloads, UK and Aus is getting PVR, they say US doesn’t use the same systems, but what about Cablecard? Now Korea is getting the IPTV they talked about in the summer. JP has tons of PSOne games.

    If they pulled all these together and went worldwide they would have something very compelling and unique to offer.

  • I hope this gets to the EU soon 🙂

  • derrickgott007

    The orient (I don’t know what to call the Japan/Korea area) always seems to be 5 years ahead of us technology wise.