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Call of Duty 4 for PS3 will be Awesome |

I’m doing a little tapdance of joy right now. I was reading a thread over at the NeoGAF forums where 402 (an IW employee) had several interesting things to say about the PS3 version of CoD4:

There should be no doubts about the quality of the PS3 version, it’s received the same exact development focus and time as the Xbox 360 and PC version and will have all the same features. We put a lot of work into the PS3 version to ensure it had an equally as impressive multiplayer portion with a constant 60 FPS just like all the others and a full multiplayer set up with lobbies, parties, profiles, splitscreen, and everything else you expect from multiplayer on all platforms.

The video you linked for some reason mixed random Xbox 360 footage in there, however the event in San Francisco had all PS3’s for multiplayer and Single player, PC’s for Single and Multiplayer and Xbox 360 only for single player.

Yes, the PS3 version will have the same matchmaking set-up as the Xbox 360 including the Party System, LAN Party, and Splitscreen set-ups for offline play. We essentially built in the Xbox Live functionality 360 users are used to so that the PS3 users can enjoy the same features, functionality, and MP set-up as everyone else.

We just had a Preview event in San Francisco where press got hands on time with the Single Player and Multiplayer portion of the PS3 version of the game, so some of those previews should be hitting rather soon (if not hitting already) which will hopefully let you see just how equal all the platforms really are.

You’ll be able to use your PS3 Friends list.

Someone else who was at the event had this to say:

Just a heads-up, guys: the embargo for the event last week lifts tomorrow morning at 9AM PST. There’ll be plenty of previews going up then, but I don’t think ATVI will mind me saying this: the game rocks, and they had all three versions up and running at the event.

They. Are. Identical.

Believe me, it’s even weirder to type that than it was to see it all in motion. Good gawd the game looks amazing. The online is going to steal people’s lives away…

Amazing! I have my 4 player splitscreen with profiles! Yay!

Call of Duty 4 for PS3

  • derrickgott007

    Was there any mention of Mic Support???

  • No, but I’m 95% sure that mic support was mentioned elsewhere. It’s in.

  • derrickgott007

    The video shows them playing multiplayer with headsets on, but are there mics in those headsets or just stereo sound?

  • derrickgott007

    Still is going to be a must buy for me….I can’t wait! I want the guille suit and a nice sniper rifle and I will be in heaven.

    This months Blender magazine said that Call of Duty 4 had 12 player multiplayer….Is that 12 per side? Or 12 total?

  • 6 per side. But that was just the 360 beta. Who knows what it’ll be in the final version of the game…

  • MetalProxy

    There where head sets working in the 360 beta version if I remember right. Iam fairly sure the xbots will say there version is superior. Well see you guys at the battle ground.

  • derrickgott007

    I hope its more than 12 total players online. I want a populated battlefield, not a sparce empty battlefield. Also I hope the multiplayer maps are huge….I hate tiny cramped maps, and with their only being 12 it seems that tiny and cramped will be used.

  • Kensu

    My buying decision will be based on if 1080i support is available. I am one that has a 1080i only HDTV. 🙁

    Does anyone know if COD4 support scaling like Warhawk do?

  • Gary

    Woooo!!! Parties and lobbies is one of the main things I want from an online game. Will be interesting to see what coms options are though.

  • Darrin

    Great to hear that the PS3 will get a full featured version of COD4.

    Although, to be honest, all the other big cross-platform shooters (FEAR, GRAW, R6:V, Darkness) have been full-featured and 100% equal on the PS3 despite big game sites like IGN saying otherwise.

  • derrickgott007

    Kensu, Sale your Tv on ebay or in the paper and use that cash to get a better hdtv man!

    If you just want to buy another tv, I have seen some glass tube HDTV’s from Sanyo that are amazing that have all the way up to 1080i and the picture is flawless for around $600.

  • derrickgott007


    Rainbow 6 vegas’s online was not exactly the same….The lobby system on the PS3 if seriously flawed….Xbox got an update to their lobby’s.

  • Darrin

    derrick, You’re right. The lobby system with R6:V is a genuine issue. (Did the PS3 version even have a lobby system? I thought that was the problem)

    But, after reading extensively about how terrible the textures were and the lighting system was in games like PS3 F.E.A.R, I played the game and couldn’t tell the difference from the PC version. I even watched PS3/360 comparison videos in slow-motion and zoomed up on screen captures and I swear that there isn’t even a 1% difference in lighting quality or texture quality.

  • MetalProxy

    600 bucks?? it must be crap, whats the contrast and refresh rate? Theres no way I would buy a half ass HDTV.

    I would be super suprized if there was more than 12 guys at once. The levels would have to be card board boxs in order to have more (no offense snake).

  • Call of Duty != Battlefield. If you want a large playing field, play a different game.

    CoD is all about infrantry, close-quarters combat. That’s why there are no vehicles.

  • Rjcc

    well, there are helicopters

  • Ha ha.

    Oh wait.

    Are you serious?

    Not sure…

    You can’t fly them.

  • derrickgott007

    Metal Proxy:

    Its a GLASS TUBE tv…Contrast and Refresh only apply to LCD and Plasma and Projection….

    Nothing out there compares with the contrast and refresh of a Glass tube yet.

    I’ve seen these tv’s up close and in HD…. On any LCD or Plasma or Projection, you can see the pixels when up close…On a glass tube you can not.

  • Kensu

    My 1080i-only TV is 65″. I do have an 37″ LCD in the bedroom, but after playing Warhawk on a 65″, I can’t go smaller. My eyes are spoiled. I don’t think they make glass tube TV that big. 🙁

    If COD4 does not support 1080i, then it will have to be very very good game for me to justify moving PS3 back and forth between rooms for bluray and game. I guess I will just have to wait and see if it is THE game.

  • Darkcreated

    Damn i can’t wait for COD4!! it will be incredibility awesome. 😀
    But R6V and F.E.A.R for PS3 are terrible they have none of the same features or support as the 360 versions of the same games, they are horrible games to say the least.

    So the person that said the PS3 version of these games were equal to the 360 versions of these games obviously never owned the PS3 versions.

  • MetalProxy

    Glass Tube? Like the flat screen older TVs..I have a 32in sony wega HDTubeTV that only does 720p and 1080i. The thing weighs 170 pounds though. Nobody is running out the door with that thing, lol.

    No you cant control the helicopters. hehe, if you hear them run into a building.

  • Unreal

    Where it says “You’ll be able to use your PS3 Friends list.” what does that mean?

    Will we be able to invite freinds into a match