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Monster Hunter 3 Now Wii Exclusive |

Monster Hunter 3

Nintendo secured an exclusive deal where Monster Hunter 3 will be coming exclusively to the Wii. The game was previously scheduled to be released on the PS3. Monster Hunter 1 and 2 were previously released exclusively on the PS2 and Monster Hunter Freedom 1 & 2 were released exclusively on the PSP.

Capcom’s Managing Corporate Officer, Katsuhiko Ichii, said:

Due to high development cost of titles for PS3, we have decided to switch the platform to which we release our Monster Hunter 3 title

High development costs? I don’t buy that.

So far, the only title that Capcom has ever released for the PS3 is an updated version of the old Super Puzzle Fighter game. Did the PS3 version of that incur high development costs? I would find that hard to believe.

Developers like Jonathan Mak, the one man studio behind Everday Shooter, ported his title to the PS3 in merely a few days, so the technical obstacles can’t be that large. I wonder if Capcom isn’t referring to technical obstacles but rather that they believe there is a better market for smaller budget type games on the Wii.

Either that or they just got more favorable contract terms from Nintendo, and rather than just saying that which may sound crass, they cite some other arbitrary reason that is more PR friendly.

Forbes: Japan’s Nintendo wins exclusive deal for Capcom’s Monster Hunter 3 Title

Thanks go to Derrick and fleakitten for this story

  • derrickgott007

    Sure would be nice if I got credit for breaking this story in the news section oh, say 12 hrs ago.

  • Emrah

    PS3 games do indeed have high development costs. And so do Xbox360 games. The reason is simple, everything has to be next gen, all assests have to be of high standards. Heavenly sword was 5 years in the making and I wonder if it is selling well enough to account for its development costs.

    If you think about Wii, with its low technical capabilities, developing for it becomes much easier, I am guessing, with remarkably smaller development teams, and with much faster results. And with so much users, and with games costing just about the same, software houses are in for much bigger profits.

    E.g. when co-developing for Wii and Ps3, you have to have 3 levels of assets, e.g. for a game model: an ultra high poly version, a medium detail version that will have the ultra high poly version look using normal mapping (ps3), and one that sucks donkey balls (Wii)

    However, when developing for Wii, you only need that one that sucks donkey balls. Which is a great relief for those going for easy money.

    The asset problem does not occur when codeveloping for PS3 and Xbox360, with similar capabilities. Given this fact, I can say that Wii is indirectly holding back the next gen in terms of asset fidelity.

  • HoeMuffin

    The Wii is also an easier system to develop for. Moreover, its much larger install base makes it a more attractive console for game manufacturers. You only need to sell to about 9% of the Wii’s install base to get a million sales. For the PS3, you need to sell to about 21% of the base. From Capcom’s view, the competition maybe less too: there are more “hardcore” games on the PS3 than the Wii. Combine that with the fact that the Wii is still flying off of shelves faster than the 360 or the PS3, and it just make sense.

  • I for one, doubt the reasoning behind it a bit…

    The PS3 is out for nearly a year, sold ok numbers and now Capcom says, it is too epensive to develop for? This makes hardly sense. Capcom knows, MH can sell systems quite well in Japan, where they make the most revenue (see PSP) after all.

    Like I said in the shoutbox, I think after Christmas, we either get a new MH for PS3 announced (because of good Xmas sales, which are sure to come, also Post Xmas with MGS4 and GTA4) or Capcom bites off their own asses. The installed base will surely double 😀

  • Pc

    Capcom is really starting to get under my skin with all of this crap. PS1, and PS2 made Capcom what it is today, and they should know that the PS3 will eventually have the install base necessary to sell plenty of games. Just wait Capcom, it will happen !!

  • Dragoyle

    ok… so is there a release date alredy or do we have to wait till next year?
    im alredy ancius for it to come out for wii or ps3…but i think ill buy it better for ps3 the graphix are much more better than the wii console aniways

  • Tony

    Capcom’s remakes are the only reason I’d consider getting a Wii. Mhunter 3 and Re4. Thing is, the games they’re based on aren’t widely different from the PS2/ PSP originals, which I’ve done to death…so why would I want to get them?

    Certainly not for the control system!

    Capcom’s ‘cheap-port’ approach to the Wii is precisley the reason I don’t feel I need to get one, Mhunter 3 or not. Their ignoring of the PSP/ PS3 with Mhunter 3 is precisely the reason I’m starting to get a bit teed off with Capcom as a whole.