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Poll: Which PS3 SKU is Best? |

Okay, we’ve seen a total of 5 PS3 SKU’s announced and/or sold so far. Assuming launch prices of these models, which do you think is the best deal? Remember that you have to compare the launch prices. So the original 60GB PS3 = $600, and the 80GB PS3 = $600 too.

  1. Original 60GB PS3 – $600
  2. Original 20GB PS3 (no WiFi, MemCards, cheap) – $500
  3. European 60GB PS3 (less BC) – $???
  4. 80GB PS3 (less BC, more HDD) – $600
  5. 40GB PS3 (no BC, cheap) – $400?

Last poll’s results:

Do you care about downloading and playing PSOne games on your PS3/PSP?

* On PS3 and PSP: 38% (140)
* On PS3 only: 18% (65)
* On PSP only: 11% (42)
* No: 33% (122)

Total Votes : 369

  • None of the above^^

    The new (soon to die) EU starterpack for 499€ (RFOM and MS included with a 60GB BC PS3)

  • derrickgott007

    I use my 60gb launch ps3’s memory card ports all the time…I download music from my computer to a usb stick, BAM! onto the PS3 it goes. I take pictures with the camera on my Palm Treo, save them to the SD card, save them to the PS3. I transfer music from the PS3 to the SD card, I have my game saves on my SD card so I can take them to a friends….ETC…. I love my 60gb.

    If I need more HDD space I’ll just hit up! Perhaps a 200gb PS3?

  • I think Sony should stick with the 60GB model at a lower price, say £299 or £349. The 40GB model in my opinion is just bizarre. They never released the original 20GB model here in the UK/Europe because they believed no-one would want it.

    Now they’ve come up with some bastardised, halfway-house SKU. To me, it shows a lack of faith in the 60GB machine, which could have sold massive amounts with a slight price drop – which in turn could no doubt have been covered by the costs of ‘developing’ this new model.

    Phasing out the 60GB machine with it’s 4 USB slots and card readers also flies in the face of Sony’s ‘vision’ of the PS3 as the hub of every home’s media centre. Okay, you can buy a USB card reader, but then you’re entering Xbox 360 territory, where all the ‘cool’ features are optional, at extra cost.

    All I know is, I’m extremely glad I got my launch machine with all the bells and whistles.

  • 60 GB is the best I think. Has all the features. And I’ve used all those features as well. Memory card ports, wifi, can play PS2/PS1 games, 4 usb ports, etc. I’m so glad I have my 60 GB PS3 (now 160 GB 😛 ). I would never buy the 40 GB PS3 if I could help it, the price is great sure, but I love playing PS2 games sometimes.

  • iFlash

    Original 60GB PS3 – $600

  • The European 60Gb was 599€ which equals to US$850. I’m honestly a bit bitten in the behind that the Europeans have to pay US$250 more then the Americans. I feel that we have to compensate for the low dollar course at the moment.

    1£ = 1,5€ = $2,13

    I agree that Sony needs to start bundling. For example a limited edition MGS4 PS3 bundle (1 million units) with a 120Gb PS3 and a special casing theme for a premium price (599€-649€)

  • PS3 Accessories

    Sony stick with the 60GB model is expensive, I think they should let their price down.