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Everyday Shooter – Psychedelic |

I have one word to describe Everyday Shooter, being released today on PSN for the PS3: psychedelic.

  • Steve

    Looks like an updated Atari game….doesn’t grab me.

  • freedesign420

    …but the interactivity between music and gameplay does!

  • I hope they have a demo so that I can check it out. Usually I don’t like graphics like these, but if it’s fun I might buy it.

  • MetalProxy

    Come on help support the little guys that want to make simple little games. I guess we are stuck playing games that take 2 to 5 years to make.

  • Darrin

    I haven’t played yet, but the previews look awesome. I love the use of shapes and music and the whole indie vibe of the game. It’s a little on the trendy side, but it still looks good.

    I will almost definitely buy this.

  • Emrah

    Hi guys, could you post some mini-reviews in comments or elsewhere when you get to play it? I just might buy this too, but will wait for a few of your reviews.

  • Darrin

    If no one beats me to it, I’ll buy late tonight and post impressions.

  • freedesign420

    the game is great! im usually not a fan of this type of shooter….do yourself a favor and download this game. not only r u supporting indie developers but the game is better than crack!