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New PS3 TV Ad |

I really like the commercial, it explains a lot to new comers that don’t know much about the PLAYSTATION 3. But could use more focus on games. Sony really needs to get the word out about the PS3 and it’s GAMES before and during the holidays. Also I wonder if they’ll advertise the Dual Shock 3 in Japan or not. Be patient it’s loading pretty slow at the moment.

  • That’s one long ad! Can’t imagine seeing that run in its entirety in North America.

  • I can’t imagine such long ads running anywhere in the world O.o

  • Huschke

    Strange Ad. I always thought the Playstation 3 is mainly about Games oO …

  • MeeToo

    Who doesn’t know about PS3?

  • Cavemen… Xbox owners… errrm… (*yeah I know, I’m a total Sony fanboi*)

  • Kaddas

    WOW, love it

  • My biggest gripe about the PS3 advertising is that the best advertisments made for the system are ads the majority of the public will never see. Remember those awesome Play Beyond videos talking about each strength of the ps3 in a separate video. The public unless they went to the site never say them, not even in an abbreviated form. The long cool ad for the PSN content, was another that only people that already own the PS3 saw. It wasted money when the best and most informative ads for the system are in places that the majority of potential buyers never see. Why not buy some ad time before feature movies at the movie theater to show these long form videos. THAT would be money well spent, and you have a captive audience to impress.