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Special Half-Life Orange Box PS3 Edition with EXCLUSIVE DLC!!!!! |

Although, many PS3 Half-Life fans were disappointed when Valve’s Gabe Newell said that he nothing to gain by developing on the PS3 except a “hatred of the architecture they’ve created”, PS3 fans should be happy to hear that we will be getting a special edition of the new Half-Life game!

Half-Life Orange Box Shot

PS3 owners will also be delighted to hear about new downloadable content coming exclusively to the PS3! Here is a sneak preview:

Half-Life 2 DLC Screenshot

UPDATE: Minor clarification. This is just a joke post, guys. No hard feelings and please no personal attacks on Mr. Newell.

  • What’s this about??

  • P5ych0

    I don’t get it.

  • Jason

    hahahha. Hated of the Architecture Edition!

  • Mike

    “What’s this about??”

    Newell went on another rant spree, which sounded exactly like what he said last time.

  • DC

    Ummmmmmmmm .. wtf?

  • I know what Newell said, but this… this “backlash” isn’t the most mature way to deal with it, isn’t it?

    I mean, yeah he said crap he maybe doesn’t even really know about (i.e. he outsourced PS3 development to EA Europe, furthering the delay in the development of the Orange Box)…

    He is an old school dev with old school stuff in his head… Even looking at PS2 dev (yeah, he complained about the PS2 too), where there were also some asymmetric cores (VU0 and VU1), mandates different programming schemes he never learned or wanted to learn. He surely also is not happy about SMP too (He was also not content about the 360, just not that vocal).

    I mean, he is ONE people out of millions… Just ignore his fat ass!

  • Darrin

    Segitz, this is supposed to be a joke in pure good fun. It’s not supposed to be mean spirited in any way.

    As a programmer, there are many times when my clients or managers pressure me to use a particular product or technology that I don’t like and it can feel oppressive. That’s clearly what Gabe is feeling and I can sympathize with that, although I don’t think he is expressing himself in a mature manner.

    I definitely don’t have any personal dislike of him and I don’t like seeing people making fun of his weight problem. But I will poke fun at his PS3 bashing.

  • Scott

    Oh god, this and that other “funny” post…

  • haha!! classic.

    at least *i* thought it was funny… 😛

  • John

    Segitz, Newell probably hasn’t touched a line of code in years. That the HL source got hacked from his machine the way it was proves it.
    Nowadays, he’s just another exec that thinks he knows about tech, but actually doesn’t understand squat anymore.

  • I think Newell is not a porgrammer, so he donesn’t understand anything about ps3. He just got some money from MS to say it :).

  • Yeah yeah, I know…

    Darrin, I knew this was I joke, but I dunno… ignorance is bliss in that regard imho. I mean, why even bother to listen to such a jacka**?

    I am an engineer, and often, I am also forced to use software I really hate (ProE for example… this is the most crash happy software I EVER encountered… I it costs 2000€+!)

  • Its funny that the most vocal developers who bash the PS3 and its architecture are PC DEVELOPERS. John Carmack, Newell, they have made a career primarily making games for PC harware. Of course they would like the 360, its pretty close to pc architecture on the inside (except a pc that runs very hot). Their complaints most of the time only make them seem lazy, as if they don’t have the energy or motivation to learn new hardware, despite what advantages it may have. Especially since most of their complaints come at a point when they haven’t even tried programming for the ps3. Newell talked about the ps3, having not even touched the development process of the ps3 port. Carmack talked about the ps3 having not even done a single thing on the system, before it was even out. They both end up sound like 3rd graders who talk about how much they hate reading, without cracking a book.

  • Darrin

    jason + bunny, thanks! At least someone got a laugh out of this.

    bobeotm, the CPU is more similar on PCs + 360, but I think the bigger factor is the software and the tools. Most PS3 development also uses Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Visual Studio, but 360 development shares more commonalties such as many Microsoft developed libraries (the DirectX tool chain), plus the familiar Microsoft dev support, tech education, and evangelism channels. Software developers are notorious for often having very strong preferences for what they are familiar with.

    Segitz, this isn’t a huge or significant news story, I don’t take this very seriously, but it’s the kind of thing people like to read and chat about.

  • Videospel

    I dont understand this “joke”, where is the humour?

  • # Videospel Says:
    October 14th, 2007 at 11:04 am

    I dont understand this “joke”, where is the humour?

    I think you’ll find it deeply supressed, along with your general comprehension and intellect.

  • Pc

    Hilarious !!! 🙂

  • No problem at all.. I just found this a bit of non news… It was just some reiterating of Newell…

  • Dartmerc

    Hmm thats really not funny.
    Also, are we actually getting exclusing downloadable content?

  • Videospel

    Bouncybhall Says:
    October 14th, 2007 at 12:16 pm

    I think you’ll find it deeply supressed, along with your general comprehension and intellect.

    Im sure this have nothing to do with my intellect but more with the lack of humor of this post. I mean was the downloadable content a joke too or was it only the “funny” photoshoped boxart that was the humor? But then again, people do have crappy humor so why should this be an exeption.

    Fred åt alla.

  • Darrin

    OK, a few of you got a good laugh and many others didn’t. Quit heckling!

    My last joke post barely got a response:

  • Wow, so this is what happens when fanboys don’t have a retort.

  • Dartmerc