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PSN to Distribute Music + Video |

We already knew this was coming, but I’m glad to hear it reaffirmed. Howard Stringer told the Financial Times:

“We are building a software infrastructure to distribute video and music, more particularly video, through the PlayStation Network,”


“We won’t know how effective [the effort] is until early next year.”

That sounds like the service is coming sooner rather than later. I can’t wait. Personally, I’m wishing for DRM free music. If so, I will definitely be a customer.

The Financial Times also added:

Sir Howard told the Financial Times that Sony still expected to hit its sales targets of 11m PS3 consoles this year.

Do you think 11 million sales by the end of 2007 is realistic? According to several stat tracking sites, the PS3 is currently at roughly 4.9 million sales globally. Obviously the last two months are the busiest time of the year for games, but that is still a big jump.

  • I think 11 million is attainable. In some countries videogames means playstation, and with a 399 sku making its way to most shores soon, that seems attainable. The 360 had issues because the US had to carry the bulk of the sales, well over 60 percent. Sony has a stronger worldwide presence. Besides. all console sales tend to jump significantly in the holiday season.

  • Sporty

    Holiday sales can be up to 70% of the annual total. Considering that a price drop leading into the holidays with a few large exclusives Sony can have a decent season this year.

    At MGS:O, MGS4, GTA4 and FFXIII, and KillZone (FF and KZ probably wont make it) slated to launch in the first quarter it’s not impossible to see them hit that mark.

  • It’s 11 million sales by the end of financial year 2007, which ends 03/08! Big difference but still a challenge for Sony. Nevertheless, I still think it is achieveable with the new price point.

  • Darrin

    The article said by the end of “this year”. I think they are referring to the calendar year. Didn’t Sony also say that PS3 will pass 360 by Spring ’08?

    11 million by 12/31/07 sounds ambitious but possible, 11 million by 3/31/08 sounds like a pretty slow and easy target

  • Sporty

    I would bet he was referring to Fiscal year since it was a business site.

    7 million more in sales by March 31st isn’t really slow. This past year 360 barely moved 2 million in the first six months of the year and it was outselling PS3 nearly two to one.

    ‘IF’ they can hit the goal of 11 million install base by March 31st they will be ahead of 360 in the same point in it’s lifetime. That is quite a feat since 360 has outsold it every month since release.

    I don’t think their is a chance in hell of selling 7 million units in 75 days, I don’t think the Wii will be able to sell that many in that time either since they can’t keep up supply.

    But if they can push out 4 million more world wide this holiday and Get MGS4 and some of the other first quarter exclusives to not slip into the 2nd quater then they might be able to hit it. Probably wont though.

    Remember, MS last year projected 10 million by Dec 31st ’06, 12 million at the end of the fiscal year and 15 million at the end of the second quarter. Here we are in the middle of October and they are just now hitting their projected fiscal ’06 numbers.

    Sony will probably fall short also unless they can get out some of the bigger games that slipped and get some momentum this holiday. But it is possible.