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Tekken 6 gets Octave Engine |

The Octave Engine will be used the Tekken 6 Arcade Cabinets this December. No release date for the PlayStation 3 yet. At least give us a demo 🙂 Anyway this is what the Octave Engine does:

Octave Engine applies hydrodynamic theories to simulate water movements, colors of the sky, and other small particle systems like sand. This physics simulation engine can immediately recognize character positions and movements that affect various elements in the environment.

“Sand, water and the sky can be combined into one simulation, the sand can be raised and lowered and interact with the water and other objects in real-time,” said Prometech’s representative.

I’ll admit it looks very impressive. I think I remember somewhere that on some stages the sun actually moves while playing. Tekken 6 looks like it’s coming along nicely. But in the mean time Tekken 5 DR online is keeping me very entertained 🙂

Octave Engine – Tekken 6 beauty secret to be released December

  • derrickgott007

    I think the engine is cool, but its a little overkill for a fighting game if you ask me….I never have been playing a fighter and said “Gee, I wish the sky would change colors accurately”….or “Too bad that water doesnt move realistically”.

    Lets hope that they use this engine is other games.

  • Actually I have said “Too bad that water doesn’t move realistically”. So many fighting games have stages where you are standing in water. In fact, tekken 4 had a couple of stages with water. It is kind of strange when you are jumping about in water, and it doesn’t really do anything.

    This is next gen gaming, there should be something that makes you go wow. I do think that they should have more dramatic slashing.

  • Moonlit wilderness was my all time favorite Tekken Stage.

    For some reason this game fell off after tag. I’m still a faithful (it’s the only reason i still have my ps3).

    This engine looks incredible. I’m glad that developers are concentrating on something other than breast juggle engines. 🙂

  • Emrah

    Breast juggle engines are my absolute favourite.

  • MeeToo

    I’m more excited in the SoulCalibur series. Offline or not, my life will be complete after SC4.

  • Im a big tekken fan. My fave is Tekken Tag Tournament, which I wish they would make a second one. 4 was a low point in the series, they made alot of changes people didnt seem to like, and the overall presentation was kind of sterile and lacked any drama.

  • I think it’s great that Namco is making Tekken 6 to look like a real next gen fighting game and not just a dolled up version of past fighters. I saw the trailer to SCIV and I wasn’t too impressed with it. Tekken ftw.