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PS3 Sales Surge in the UK | reports a 178% sales surge of the PS3 in the UK after the price update and new 40GB model release.

PS3 software has also shot up as well:

PS3 software has also enjoyed a resurgence, with Resistance: Fall of Man climbing the all-formats charts from 22 to eight, Heavenly Sword re-entering the top 40 at number 14, MotorStorm moving from 22 to 18, and Formula 1: Championship Edition also back in the official charts at number 24.

Resistance is still dominating PS3 sales? That clearly says that these are new PS3 owners. The available game selection is growing very quickly on the PS3. Resistance is going to have some real competition on the PS3 later this month.

  • Gary

    With regards to Resistance, the Map Packs have now been integrated into Team Objectives. FINALLY! 🙄

    They were previously only available if you selected Map Pack Mayhem and for people like me and my friends, this was pointless as we like to play on the same team and Map Pack Mayhem consisted of Conversion, TDM and TO, and you couldn’t choose the match type.

    It will be interesting to see hardware sales from Oct 11th – Jan as a sales spike was guaranteed to happen with the price cut and new SKU.

  • Nathaniel

    I think the next 6 months will belong to Sony in terms of software and hardware sales. This just shows how many people were waiting for a price drop and with some great exclusive games like R&C and Uncharted dropping for the holiday season i can see this becoming the console of choice for the crimbo period.

    Don’t forget the strong start to next year that Sony have lined up and all the PSN content on its way….

  • Dartmerc

    This is good news, I basically expected this holiday season to go to xbox2 (or wii mostly), and for PS3 to own 2008. But come to think of it, xbox2 doesnt have any big releases this holiday season, appart from halo 3 or bioshock, but if your not into that kind of game then there isn’t really much for you.
    Good news indeed.

  • Matt

    Dartmerc, you really need to do more research before you make a statement like that. Mass Effect will score higher than any Sony exclusive this year. 360 also gets a ton of 3rd party games that cover all territories of game types. The PS3 really lacks in the game department this year. The Wii and 360 both have better first party games.

    Back on topic, it is great that the PS3 has gotten a burst in sales with the price drop. This Christmas is important to Sony. They may not win it (which they won’t) but staying close is the goal that they need to reach. Sony really can’t do much more for now. 2008 is when they can begin catching up when their big guns come out.

  • I think sony will sell at a far brisker pace with the new sku, but the holiday season will still be dominated by Wii 360 and PS3’s little brother the PS2. 08 is the ps3’s year.

  • Dartmerc

    I’ve done my research, I don’t find many of xbox2s games compelling.
    Going into holiday season, consoles are more often given as gifts, and M$ pricing the core the same as the wii is a terrible decission, all it’s going to do is move more of the HDDless consoles.
    True, mass effect will be a great game, but mass effect 2 and 3 will be crossplatform, and i wouldnt be completely suprised if we get a port of the first one sometime. I just hope they manage to market it right too, because at the moment it just seems to sit somewhere between halo3 and bioshock, and I think consumers won’t really understand what they are looking at.
    I can also assure you mass effect will get a higher score then any xbox2 game released in its first holiday season, and probably higher then any xbox2 game released this holiday season.
    Nintendo has always had the best first party titles, the problem in the past is they have never had any others…

  • Darrin

    Matt, PS3 lacks in games this year? I don’t think you really mean that. I think you mean to say that the 360 has a better 2007 lineup, which is arguably the case depending on your tastes.

    The PS3 has *tons* of games this year. Personally, I count six retail PS3 titles in Oct/Nov that I have to buy (three are cross platform), and I never buy that many games.

    Mass Effect will probably be a great game, but that appeals to a specific taste. Those who love that type of RPG, will love it, and those like me, that really don’t enjoy RPG titles, won’t. BTW, it’s not just platform, I’m not excited about Final Fantasy or White Knight Story or any other RPGs either.

  • ehandlr

    Turns out..early estimate say that the PS3 outsold everything with the exception of the Nintendo DS in the UK.

    As far as no games this year….Ratchet and Clank, Uncharted, Haze are all big games.

    Uncharted looks better then anything I’ve seen this gen….and could give Mass Effect a run for its money in the graphics department.

  • Snarfed

    How is online play for ps3? Cuz, i would probably prefer to watch paint dry, than wait for any enjoyment from my last online ps2 experience.

  • ehandlr

    PS3 Online play is no different then the 360’s. Except PS3’s is free.

  • Dartmerc

    Well you would have had a better time playing online with your PS2 then xbox or GC…