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40GB Unit a Flop? |

ChartTrack said 89% of PS3 purchasers chose the 60GB model last week, after the introduction of the 40GB model. via GameSpot:

Chart Track director Dorian Bloch commented, “The PS3 60GB is proving very popular, even with the introduction last week of the 40GB model. Eighty-nine percent of purchasers opted for some form of 60GB model, since this is sold with at least two games for only Β£50 ($102) more than the 40GB model, and sometimes other extras…”

Looking at the poll we ran on this site, the 40GB provded highly unpopular as well, with a mere 9% of the vote, while the 60GB unit got 67% of the vote, *despite* the fact that the poll was worded to compare the 60GB at it’s original $600 price vs it’s current $500 price.

I thought it was just us that didn’t like the new 40GB configuration, and we weren’t representative of the larger population. However, it looks like most consumers prefer the 60GB by a fairly wide margin.

As long as they still offer the nicer units, and the 40GB is just an option, that’s great. However, I hope they don’t follow through on their one-SKU strategy with this new stripped down unit.

Did Sony just miscall this one? Do you think that in the near future this will be the only option to buy?

  • Nathaniel

    I think by introducing this new SKU it gives them an excuse to lower the 60 gig version and as consumers we want the best deal so we opt for the new priced 60 gig version, the strategy worked as sales of the most expensive unit are up by a big margin.

    Shops must have a big stock of 60 gig PS3’s to go at which means that the 40 gig wont become the only machine available for while by which point they will introduce the 80 gig version at the orginal price point making it the same as before except we have a 40 gig and 80 gig version around Jan/Feb time.

    This whole price drop and new model is to increase sales during the holiday period and its working.

  • Its a psychology thing. People feel better about paying 500 bucks when they know they could buy a 400 dollar version if they wanted. Similar to how the 360 has a core, that no one buys, but people feel better about buying the higher end, knowing the point of entry is low. Kind of like buying a car, no one buys the base model of it, they buy it with a few features, but its nice to think that the care at its base costs within your range.

    People psychologically like to feel they could get a system for 399, because if they are ok with that price, its easier to convince them to upgrade. So the 60gb version looks like 100 dollars as opposed to 500, because they already enticed the consumer at a 400 price point. Kind of how netflix at its cheapest is 5 dollars, but most people go for more, because the 5 dollar deal already convinced them to become a customer.

  • liar

    what bobeotm said. That was always the intent of the 40GB model – to make the pricing closer so people had to think about it..and forcing the conversation away from the 360 – to which PS3 option they were interested in.

  • I think it is still too early to tell whether it is or isn’t a flop. reports a 178% sales surge of the PS3 in the UK after the price update and new 40GB model release.

    I think that the increase in general sales is more important then the exact sales figures for each model. I’m certain that all the xbox 360 models aren’t compared in such a way. I wonder why such a comparison must be made for PS3? Is this just another way to give a negative spin on what seems to be a good turn of events for the PS3?

    Sales are increasing, big huzzah! … Oh nohz, the new model isn’t selling as much as the old one!!!11!!!oneone!!eleven

  • Darrin

    I agree with the consumer psychology angle. Car dealers do this all the time: There is a really low price that they advertise heavily. That catches consumer’s attention and brings them into the dealer, but then they think, “Wait, I’ve got to have power windows!”, “just a little more for the ABS!”, etc and work their way up to the pricier models.

    If they keep it like this with a low-price stripped-down teaser SKU as merely an option, then that’s great. I’m just worried that they cancel the other SKUs and *only* sell the 40GB one. They have suggested that this is the direction they are looking into, however, I expect common sense will prevail.

  • Yeah I think the consumer psychology angle is right too. Also, it wasn’t hard to work out that $100 for 2 games, an extra controller, bigger disk and backwards compatibility makes a lot of sense. Added to that, the 60GB bundle had a 17% price cut: that’s pretty significant.

    Worked for me anyway πŸ™‚

  • I’d say people got the 60GB version over the 40GB for the PS2 backwards compatibility.

    But hey, if psychology is what floats your boat… πŸ˜‰

  • I don’t think we can call the 40GB version a flop until it’s had a chance to stand for a bit without the 60GB fire-sale version looming behind it.

  • Pc

    You can’t call the 40gb PS3 a flop at all mostly because nobody is even sure on their intent for this model. They could be making this one purely for the purpose of allowing people who couldn’t afford one earlier on, to now own one, or they could be doing what some people have been saying…ya know, making the other models seem like a much better buy at only a $100 price increase. Either way, every single model they have out is a good buy and everybody knows that the Playstation brand has the games and the most powerful console out today ! If you don’t have a PS3 yet, you should go buy one now because of all the options and low starting price. Once you start playing PS3 games, you won’t really care to go back and play some old PS2 game. I’m telling you this because i know for a fact πŸ™‚ So if $500, or $600 is too much for you, then get the new 40gb model when it comes out because it’s still a much better buy than the 360 premium model and you can play online for free !!!

  • Huschke

    “it’s still a much better buy than the 360 premium model and you can play online for free !!!”

    hopefully it stays that way! that was the reason for me to choose a ps3 over a 360!

  • Nazo

    I think it’s at least partly panic-buying, people trying to get a 60gb version before the gimp ones are all that are left. I almost did the same but then I came to my senses and realised that if Sony are going to treat consumers with such contempt then they don’t deserve my money.

  • Sporty

    Going to ignore Nazo’s comments. Only makes since to like minded people I guess.

    But I thought about posting on this before but the whole article seems more like cherry picking to get a negative story out then anything else.

    First. 40GB when on sale Oct 10th. The sales data is week ending Oct 13th So in 72 hours the 40GB captured 11% of the weeks sales. And your calling it a flop.
    60GB had a price drop on the 5th. So that’s where the demand came in.

    Other ways to talk about the sales data without going negative like Gamespot and this article did.

    How about week ending Oct 14th PS3 outsold Wii and 360 in Europe and Australia. Or that Sony passed 5 million sold.

    Also, not that it matters to this article, but US just announced the 40gb to hit Nov 2nd for $399. 80GB is now $499.

  • It’s the psychology angle people. Consumers are notorious for talking themselves up when it comes to sales time. Once they commit to a price say S399 they find it easier to justify spending another $100, because a hundred is relatively easy to make. The decision to buy the $499 model becomes a $100 dollar decision rather than a $499 decision. And it’s easier to spend $100.
    Price laddering at it’s finest. Tat being said Xbox arcadeis going to get a lot of people looking at the 360. Sony should come out with a PS3 with flash memory. Essentially a casual games bluray player for as cheap as they can make it.