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Rumor Time: Warhawk Expansion Pack coming December? |

There is word that Warhawk will get a huge update for the holidays. It will include new vehicles, and a dropship that can airlift vehicles across the map, and can even shoot missiles. No word on maps, but I hope they include at least 2 more. This would be great if it was true, just in time for the Christmas LAN party 🙂

And could this be the drop ship? This image is from the early trailers of the game. What if there was a new game mode about the dropships? For example, you have to destroy the opponents dropship(s) before they destroy yours, sounds fun to me.

Warhawk Dropship?

Rumor: Warhawk getting an expansion pack for December?

  • It’s on my Christmas wish list. I hope my wife will get my hints…. I guess I should just point her to this site 🙂

  • derrickgott007

    This whole rumor is based off some idiot watching the origional ONE PLAYER mode that they scrapped….There is a video on YOUTUBE that people are calling “Warhawk DLC” and its just video from the old one player.

  • They need to sort out a whole of crap before thinking about offering new content and modes.

    When are they going to sort out the comms, party system, lobby options etc? Until they sort them out, Warhawk will remain the biggest waste of £20 I have ever spent.

  • Darrin

    I thought the Incognito team was dissolved with most staff moved to Eat, Sleep, Play?

    That early concept pic looks awesome! I wish they made an actual game like that 🙂

  • MetalProxy

    I want MOTORCYCLES and a better lobby.

  • Dartmerc

    If dropships were made large enough to walk and fly inside and were stationary, they could be used as additional zones in the air. Maybe instead of jeeps and tanks appearing out of thin air, they could drop from these, depending which team has control.