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I told you so… With Pictures (IGN, Ozy, Ars) |

Sony has confirmed that the 80GB model will be reduced to $499 and the new 40GB model will be introduced to North America at $399. IGN, Ars, and others have a nice helping of crow to eat…








IGN: CONFIRMED. Price drop is temporary
IGN: Best of E3 Award
Ozy: Drinking the Sony Kool-Aid
Ars: Soon Only One $600 PS3 Remains
ps3blog Rumor Debunking

  • ehandlr

    You know…I just posted a “I told you so” thread in a few other forums for the same damned thing.

  • Emrah

    Common sense prevails. Of course sony would not admit 80gb price drop, it would lower the sales by some margin (at least there are those who are not aware that 60GB version is actually more equipped than 80GB version in terms of BC, at least in U.S.)

  • Nice.

  • Rjcc

    congratulations, you called sony bold faced liars and were correct. over the last few years, that has been a good strategy for making predictions.

  • Darrin

    rjcc, quote? link?

    I don’t think Sony ever said that they wouldn’t drop the price or rearrange the SKUs or that they were going back to the $599 price.

  • ehandlr fact Sony said and I quote “For the forseeable future, we will drop the price on the 60 gig, and when they run out, we will re-evaulate the market.”

    Assumptions are a bitch aren’t they?

    Ofcourse Sony coudln’t come out and say “oh btw..we are releasing a cheaper sku and dropping the price of the 80 gig” Who in the hell would buy the 60 gig after hearing that?

  • derrickgott007

    Price Drop= Good for everyone!

  • Sporty

    Actually this article is calling people that said the July price drop wasn’t a price drop, like the articles this one talks about are the Liars Rjcc.

    A lot of idiots tried to spin that the last price drop wasn’t real, only temporarily cut the price and slammed Sony for that move.

    People on this forum and those with common sense said Sony wouldn’t sell the 80GB for more then $499 once the 60GB were gone. And look who were right and who were just having false outrage out of complete ignorance just to spin a negative to the PS3 again.