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Ranting at The Orange Box |

I know I know – The Orange Box isn’t available for the PS3 yet. In case you haven’t seen/heard a review of the latest from Valve, check out the video below.

But a review is not really what this post is about. This post is about complaining. Again. And I will keep complaining until developers GET IT. So here we go.

Last night at Todd’s place he put The Orange Box disc into his 360. First Todd showed us Portal, a mind-bending puzzler which looks like a boatload of fun but is a single player game. So we just take a quick gander and then moved on – cool stuff, but not for us right at the moment. We also looked at the single player Half Life 2 Episode 2 briefly, and it looks like fun too. But then we came to the star of the show, at least if you had “multiplayer” on your minds as we did. Team Fortress 2. We boot it up and lo and behold – NO SPLITSCREEN SUPPORT. What the heck? Todd was pissed. I was pissed. Steve was pissed. So here’s yet another game that should have had 4 player splitscreen support, but didn’t.

Are developers getting lazy? Do they not think we want splitscreen? What’s the deal here? Why isn’t splitscreen a priority for developers anymore? Guess what Valve? WE WANT SPLITSCREEN. Before trying to play Team Fortress 2 we played PGR4. Which still doesn’t measure up to PGR2, BTW. Dumb classification system for cars, not as many tracks, etc. (At least they improved the menu system over PGR3.) But also: NO FOUR PLAYER SPLITSCREEN. Two player splitscreen isn’t enough. The PS3 and 360 are the most powerful gaming consoles ever. EVER. I think they can handle splitscreen. Let’s see it!

Now that I got that off my chest, here’s a somewhat-funny review of the game:

  • derrickgott007

    I don’t hear people crying that the pc version doesn’t have multiplayer splitscreen. Splitscreen doesn’t matter to me…GAMEPLAY is what matters for me…. I’d rather have a developer put that time into the game itself instead of wasting it on splitscreen. But that’s my opinion.

  • Duh.

    You don’t have several friends gathering around a couch to play games on a PC.


    Different markets.

  • Rjcc

    sorry, people don’t buy games based on splitscreen support. *looks at sales of gears of war, halo series*, errr, uhhh, welll……

  • derrickgott007

    The bigger complaint is why no HL2 multiplayer? The PC version gets it…and all the console gets is TEAM FORTRESS 2. Did they forget that conterstrike was made from the half life 1 multiplayer engine?

  • Sporty

    No cake for you

  • Well, I was thinking about picking up the game, but now I won’t be. So you’re right – no Valve cake for me.

  • derrickgott007

    Hey Henning, you do know that you can play online with friends right? I don’t see how splitscreen is the deciding factor for a lot of people? I perfer online multiplayer like socom etc…that way my whole screen is all for me with no loss of graphical quality….but everyone has their own likes and hates…..and I hate anime , gundam and JRPG’s and Final Fantasy…..guess having to have people in the same room to play multiplayer doesn’t really matter to me.

  • Henning, if you are solely deciding on no split screen support, you’ll be missing a lot of good games, both in the orange box, and in the future. Just the TF2 alone is a very attractive purchase.

    If you’ve got a PC, buy it for PC tho. I enjoy FPS’s much better on PC’s. Keyboard-mouse is much more intuitive than the game-pad. That’s why I have bought the orange box on Steam.

  • Sporty

    I know to a lot of people splitscreen isn’t important.

    But I see where Henning is coming from. To some Gaming is more of a social thing. Sounds like to Henning Playing with friends in the same room or his wife/girlfriend are more important. So playing a PC game doesn’t solve that problem.

  • derrickgott007

    Keyboard and mouse sucks for FPS’s if you ask me. I need dual analog sticks for a fps. W,A,S,D sucks for movement. Plus it hurts my forarms to play pc games…..consoles I have no problem……plus pc’s cost too damn much. Thanks to the PS3 I can enjoy $5000 pc graphics from my couch and $600 PS3.

  • Specter

    I don’t care about split screen. I care about games with good stories, great gameplay, great graphics and no bugs or noticible defects (frame dropping, tear, etc). It’s hard enough for developers to live up to these standards nowadays.

    Whether a game has split screen or not means very little to me. The sooner gamers realize that games like everything else isn’t perfect, the happier they’ll be.

    It seems to me that Ps3blog has been on a serious rant of late complaining about a lot of things. Relax guys. Games were meant to be fun.

  • I understand. When I am with friends I can only play Fight Night and Tekken. Would be nice if more titles gave a split screen option. Even the bathtub duck game (grr I forgot the name of a game I bought) doesn’t have split screen. Would be awesome for side-by-side rescue-the-ducks-fastest competition.

    However, Orangebox does not deserve to be put away because it does not have splitscreen support.

    There’s indeed an alarming trend for no split-screen support in games, I’ll admit.

    And maybe, split screen may not be always a fast perfomer. The simpsons split screen somewhat slowed down the game for example. Heavenly sword has “split views” with no slow-downs, then again the second views have pre-determined camera-paths and angles so all kind of optimisations may go in there. Dunno.

  • derrickgott007

    Warhawk has splitscreen and I’ve seen most of you on here dis that game into the ground….so whats your theory on that?

  • To me, gaming is a social thing. Sometimes I play games alone, but even playing online with others is almost the same as playing alone, socially speaking. I much prefer to physically be in the company of my friends as we shoot the breeze and play games.

    I don’t know. Maybe it’s because I’m probably older than all of you. As you get older, you realize more and more that it’s friends and family that count. I’d rather be doing stuff with others than do it alone. Recently I’ve been playing a bit more Guitar Hero, and I really enjoyed it the other day when my wife joined me and we played some songs together (she’s not a gamer).

  • Online is great, yeah. I’m in Gary’s clan, and we’ve had lots of fun online with Resistance.

    But split-screen multiplayer is also very nice to have, as I have friends round to play. We play Resistance offline multiplayer (split screen), and sometimes Rainbow Six Vegas.

    And we’ve enjoyed a couple of Warhawk multiplayer sessions online, too.

    So yes, multiplayer split-screen online AND offline is very desirable. I read a while back that split-screen online play is planned for Resistance 2 – they had planned on putting it Resistance, but didn’t have the development time, apparently.

    Games like Motorstorm, DiRT etc. are also adversely affected by the lack of an offline multiplayer option.

    Roll on HAZE – Free Radical have the right idea.

  • MetalProxy

    Oh, Henning you only want one thing and thats cool. And YES Team Fortress needs split screen. The graphics are simple enough to allow it.
    Iam old to man..anyways, I have played through most of the orange box (all the games) and over all its boring. I have had more fun doing dishes. I will NOT be getting this for my PS3. TF2 has more issues than national geographic.

  • jwspiker

    Valve’d been HAZED

  • Huschke

    I totally agree with you. Games on consoles should have split screen! Warhawk is the best example with it’s online! 4-player split screen!!

  • Rjcc

    henning – you’re not older, you’re just getting old. I do value doing things with others, I’m just young enough that I don’t expect them to be in the same room as me when we do them.

  • derrickgott007

    Quick! What does VGCHARTZ have to say about this???


  • Emrah

    Btw, guys, today I picked up Calling All Cars at it reduced price.. It’s sheer fun, playing with my brothers, it’s got that split screen mode.. Highly recommended!

  • doomsday

    Rjcc, because you say you prefer playing with your friends online suggests that you prefer your friends online as opposed to next to you, breathing, suggests you prefer playing without your friends, suggests you are saying that conversation over a mic is better than actual conversation.

    Most of my friends don’t have XBOXs. I do. Your eletist, escapist inclinations will not change that fact.