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September Console Sales Data for Canada, USA, Japan |


I’ve compiled and formatted NPD numbers for Canada and USA and MediaCreate numbers for Japan. I don’t have easy access to sales figures for other territories, so they are not included.

System Canada USA Japan Total
DS 45000 495800 388475 884275
PSP 22000 284500 578549 863049
Wii 42900 501000 125108 626108
360 51200 527800 10978 538778
PS2 16500 215000 61287 276287
PS3 15600 119400 61008 180408

The biggest surprise successes are the 360, due to Halo 3, and also the PSP, due to the redesign. PS3 sales are light, especially when held next to the 360 numbers.

Currently PS3 sales are slightly over five million worldwide, and Sony plans to reach eleven million by the end of the fiscal year in March, 2008. The big events that should trigger a sales volume surge are today’s price drop, Europe’s price drop earlier this month, the new 40GB SKU that already launched in Europe and set to launch in both US and Canada for $399 US/CDN., the amazing PS3 holiday game lineup, an expected ad blitz, and the normal holiday rush.

(I’ve visually double-checked data, but please leave a comment if any number looks off)

  • MeeToo

    11k unit of X360 vs 530k unit of Wii/PS3 over JAPAN!

    How did that happen? I just can’t believe it.

  • Sporty

    MeeToo, those 360 numbers are typical for Japan. Not sure what you were expecting but 360 has always sold very little in Japan.

    One advantage Sony has in catching up is PS3 has historically sold better in virtually every country it’s been released in except US, Canada, UK and France then 360.

    Now the PS3 is basically price matched to the 360 in Canada. $499 for the 360 Elite or 80GB PS3, and $399 for the 360 Pro or the 40GB PS3.

  • pacino

    ps3 will have its time soon.when all the big games come out it will be outselling the 360 like ****!!

  • ehandlr

    Well amazon just reported a 908% increase in PS3 orders lol. UK showing 178% increase in sales last week. Japan has the white 40 gig and Dynasty Warriors bundle coming…things are looking up.

  • lennie crout

    So, This chart show the PS2 is beating out the PS3 in ALL MARKETS???? Sony really wishes this chart did not exist.