Upcoming PSN Titles

vgchartz reports schedule details of upcoming PSN titles (via Game Informer). These dates probably aren’t very reliable, but they are better than nothing.

UPDATE: Added other known and upcoming titles.

October 2007

PS Eye: Aqua Vita, Eye Create, Operation Creature Feature, Trials of Topaq

November 2007

PixelJunk Monsters
PS Eye: Mesmerize, Tori Imaki
Snake Ball
High Velocity Bowling

December 2007

flOw Expansion

“With flOw designer The Game Company busy with their new title flOwer Supervillian Studios has taken up the slack and is working on a new expansion for flOw. The expansion addws a new creature to the mix, the Puffer. Also included is a new soundtrack, multiplayer mode, and the ability for multiple players to play as multiple creatures.”

Warhawk Expansion

“Very little is known about this new expansion. All that has been revealed is that a new vehicle is being added. A drop ship,which features 6 missile turrets and enough space to load up a tank or two. Due to the additional of the drop ship current maps will be modified to fit it in current zones.”

WipeOut HD
Rat Race
Dark Mist

January 2008

Toy Home

??? 2008

Socom Confrontation

Written by: Darrin - Contributing Editor

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