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GHIII on PS3 – Sigh |

So I was just looking around on my lunch hour, and noticed that pre-sales of GHIII are doing pretty good for the Wii and 360 (18th and 20th on this list). The PS2 version is at 45th, but the PS3 version isn’t even in the top 100!

Are PS3 owners that musically uninclined?

You’ll also note that the PS3 version costs $10 more. Could that make the difference? (What a rip, BTW.) Also, the Wii and 360 product pages contain a video about the game. No video on the PS3 product page for Guitar Hero III. I’m starting to realize that Activision’s hate for the PS3 runs deep. It all started back with Call of Duty 3…

GHII PS3 at Amazon
GHII 360 at Amazon
GHII Wii at Amazon

[Edit: and while I’m on the topic of Guitar Hero III, I have to admit that the new GHIII Portal looks like it’s going to be pretty neato.]

  • Davey

    I took a look at that too at amazon. wii and 360 are
    $10 dollar cheaper. I am getting tired of this unfair treatment with the PS3. If a game is multiplatform, then all platforms should get the same treatment. the PS3 is getting srewed. and what with this dongle thing? the developer need to stop half assin it and use blue tooth. DO you know if rock band is useing the donlges too? I mean it still wireless but come on. I wonder wich system is gthIII going to be better for. I hope its the PS3 because they need some real lovin.

  • D.Vader

    Well this is simple. Sony’s VG market is a bit more fragmented then Nintendo & MS. Nintendo and MS have virtually eliminated support for the “Last Gen” Consoles. So of course the numbers will be split over PS2 and PS3.

  • D.Vader

    Well this is simple. Sony’s VG market is a bit more fragmented then Nintendo & MS. Nintendo and MS have virtually eliminated support for the “Last Gen” Consoles. So of course the numbers will be split over PS2 and PS3.

    A side note I think this demonstrates there are a decent chunk of PS2 owners that have not gone next-gen.

  • derrickgott007

    Everyone is saving up for ROCK BAND…thats all it is. Seems that most PS3 owners want the newest things going and ROCK BAND is that thing. Guitar Hero is hack now…..

  • MeeToo

    The price is probably due to the Blu-ray disc more expensive that DVD. Plus the development expences.

  • Why even bother with a PS3 version anyway if they’re going to treat it this way.

  • Real Gambler

    I think Derrickgott007 nailed it… Hmmm, Guitar Hero 3 or Rockband 1…. Let me see. I’ve played Guitar Hero 2 a lot, so I’ll just wait for GH4 and go RockBand for now!

  • That doesn’t explain why 360 users are gobbling up GH3. They’re getting both games too.

  • Remember kids… the PS3 is the rich man’s console, so the rich can also afford Rockband, whereas the 360 is the cheap man’s console…

    Tbh, I have no idea, why the 360 version is cheaper. Maybe MS moneyhats Amazon too?

    But I couldn’t care less, GT5P demo on jap PSN was released some hours ago^^

  • JimmyStewart

    Wow Segitz… that’s horribly untrue and doesn’t lend itself to an valid argument. I’m not terribly rich, I’d probably consider myself mostly poor. And yet I own both the 360 and the PS3. If any console is really a console for those watching a strict budget it would be the Wii.

    That out of the way… I think honestly a big reason the 360 version is selling so well is that a lot of people have that console. I think a lot of people that can afford a PS3 have already splurged on the 360. By default if the game is on the PS3 and the 360 I’ll usually pick up the 360 version to add to my achievement points. Up to this point there’s usually no incentive to buy the PS3 version and in several cases there are very good reasons to avoid them (think FEAR or Oblivion). I intend on picking up GH3 on the 360 myself… again for the achievement points. I see no advantage in the PS3 version and all my family and friends play on the 360 so I’d also feel more connected in that environment. I can rank myself against them in the leaderboards and play with them online… and of course compete with them for those points. On the PS3 I’d be stuck playing by myself or playing with strangers which isn’t all that appealing to me. I know PS3 sites like this love to say how the online service is free and just as good as XBox Live… but in my opinion that’s just not true. The lengths XBox Live goes to (even on the free service) to let people connect with each other during almost any part of the consoles use. For example I’ve seemlessly chatted with my sister while browsing the XBox Dash, then I started up an arcade game and finished up with a bit of Gears or War… my sister meanwhile was on the other side of the country asking for help with Viva Pinata. She was playing that the whole time and I was guiding her through catching some sort of pinata. The PS3 doesn’t really have their free system anywhere near that level. And again, even if/when they reach it… I know 4 family members with 360s and I have 5 personal friends with 360s. I don’t know anyone personally on the PS3.

    In a somewhat related note, the Rockband version on the other hand has a slight advantage over the 360 and it’s caught my interest. From what I understand the 360 version comes with a wired controller, while the PS3 set includes wireless. But I’m not that interested in Rockband and I think I’m probably going to skip out on it for a while. I’ll probably grab the pieces individually as I don’t really want to sing and I’d already have 2 guitars on the 360… I only really want the game and the drums. But if I was new to the genre… I’d probably go PS3.

  • liq

    From what I’ve heard the 360, wii and ps2 guitars will not be wireless (think I saw it in a interview at GT) that might explain the price difference?

    // liq

  • Sporty

    If you look on any other site (gamestop, ect) 360 and PS3 are priced the same. PS2 and Wii 89 are cheaper then the 360 and PS3.

    The Amazon price is for used sellers, at least right now. you look now and they are both at $98~ for used

  • Tom McBaum

    GHIII looks a bit “last gen” for my tastes and, for anyone who’s owned GH1 and/or GHII, it’s “more of the same.” I’m much more interested in Rock Band for this reason. I think PS3 owners, in general, demand more “next-gen” qualities and capabilities. I expect this gap to widen in the years ahead, as Xbox 360 storage limitations start (continue?) to more heavily impact the depth (and load times, etc.) of games available on that platform.

  • Rjcc

    LOL. it’s simple, a lot of the people who have the ps3 also own a 360, and are buying it for that. the idea that ps3 owners are richer, more dsicrimating about next-gen features (remember the survey indicating a lot of people don’t even know it plays blu-ray movies), or are more early adopters is just silly.

  • Got to agree that it’s silly. But I don’t know that it’s because of dual PS3/360 owning people choosing the 360 version. I just don’t think there’s all that many people that own both, compared to the number that own just one.