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IGN.UK Reviews PES 2008 |

There’s probably not many UK/European readers of this site (there’s a few 😉 ), probably even less that follow football (soccer 🙄 ), but I’ve been waiting for PES 2008 for 2 years. The wait is almost over!

IGN.UK has reviewed the first Pro Evo game on the PS3 and they loved it:

Seabass and his team have come good, then. Next-gen Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 captures the essence of the original games perfectly, gives it an HD injection and takes the AI to the next level. It’s by no means perfect: the frame-rate drops when the screen gets really busy, usually during a quick clearance when the box is flooded with players or, occasionally, during a replay. But, when you’re actually stuck into the action, it’s likely you won’t really notice or indeed care. Of course, some players will think that a drop in frame-rate on a machine as powerful as PS3 is an absolute travesty and, in some respects, they’d be right. But if a flaw as incidental as this prevented said players from buying PES 2008 altogether, they’d be missing out on the most realistic, intelligent and enjoyable football experience on console yet.

7 days and this will be dominating my PS3! After I’ve edited all the correct names, teams, stadium etc but it’s worth it. FIFA never stood a chance. 8)

IGN.UK Reviews PES 2008

  • derrickgott007

    Everyone keep in mind that this is the first time that PES (or Winning Eleven here in the US) has been on the PS3. There may be stutters in the frame rate, but I bet the game will still be fun. Plus next years version should have cleared up the frame rate stutters….Want proof? Look at first year titles from the PS2…and then compare them to end of life cycle PS2 games….much difference.

  • busby

    Couldn’t give a [edited] about FIFA, PES all the way for me been stuck playing ps2 versions of winning 11 and since I imported a japanese console I’ve been playing Japanese versions so to get an english one will be nice. This has been one of the games I’ve been waiting for since I first got my console in January and I can’t wait to pick my copy up 🙂

  • It’s a shame we never got a PES demo. I’m playing FIFA at the moment, and I’m loving it. Don’t think I’ll be getting this. I was ‘converted’ to PES 4 (FIFA 2005 was really crap), but played both last year, FIFA has really come close now……and 2008 is even better, although the game has SO MANY BUGS !!

  • Gary

    I played the FIFA demo to death and yes it grew on me the more I played it, but it’s sooooo slow and unresponsive. Why do players run as if they have a 100kg weight strapped to their shoulders!?

    I haven’t bough a FIFA game since 1998 and have been an ISS/Pro Evo fan since the first ISS game on PSone. I finally got sick of FIFA’s style over substance a long time ago.

    Pro Evo just always nails what it feels like to play football. Can’t beat that feeling. 🙂

  • Emrah

    Oh, so we also have to buy the one without the frame drops in the future. I was planning on getting this and I’d play it to death if it were anything like PES5 or PES3., without needing another PES for a good two-three years.. But now we’ll also have to buy the ‘stutter free’ version. I almost began to think this is intentional *insert witty emoticon*


    Great review, but one can’t ignore the fact that IGN sponsor the game…how mad is that? I’m sure it’s still ace! >>>

  • Angelus73

    Dissapointed with PES 2008. It plays okay (still not as good as PES4!!!) but it looks so bad. I have paid for next gen and it should look next gen, 12 months in development and it still looks like a pig in a wedding dress!

  • I don’t care about the gfx, just didn’t feel like buying a ps2 game for my ps3, the ps2 version was good enough for me!


    i just bought my pes 2008 on ps2 and its almost exactly the same as pes6 f*ckin hell a waist of £24.99 u cannot do any of the new skills that are shown on youtube and i am yet to notice any differences in gameplay and gfx frm pes6

  • game L0ver

    Quite disappointed in PES 2008. Graphic worse then PES 6. Players movement is not as smooth as PES 6. Don’t know about the AI, but PES 2008 is way overhyped.