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Force Feedback Vest |

TN Games has announced a force feedback vest for use with games such as Call of Duty 4.


The technology was originally developed for remote medical examinations and is being adapted for consumer video game entertainment use.

No word about supported platforms. Is anyone interested in this kind of thing?

  • Can’t say I am.

  • Huschke

    To me “feeling” a bullet when it hits you sounds interesting.

  • Pc

    It does sound very intersting and could add alot oF realism to games, but i just don’t know if i’m THAT into games to wear it. I would feel soo damn dorky and strange, but i could wear it if one of my friends was wearing it too, AND NOBODY ELSE WAS AROUND 🙂

  • Darrin

    I agree with you, PC. I like the idea, I’d love to try it out, but it’s definitely too geeky for me to really buy one of those and keep it around my house.

  • especially in that colour 😛

  • Dartmerc

    If it was intergrated well (which it wont be) it’d be awesome.
    As far as my guess takes me, it’d be like every other force feedback vest out there, it just reads when the controller would rumble.
    It’d be awesome if developers built games for it, being able to feel *where* you’ve been shot would be pretty sweet.

  • Darrin

    darmerc, actually, I think it is integrated. I think COD4 was written specifically to accommodate this. Otherwise, you are right, it would be completely lame.

  • Dartmerc

    wow that would be sweet. Still, i dont see devs putting so much extra effort to make this work considering the reletively few players who would use one. Casual gamers wouldn’t, and real hardcore gamers would just see it as a distraction

  • Check out Tha Wojo on, I think it is a force feedback vest for Playstation 3 and XBOX 360. There is a cool commercial and everything LOL!