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CoD4 – Sabotage, New Maps, PS3 Footage |

Ah, here’s what I’ve been waiting for. IGN got to take a look at Call of Duty 4 multiplayer, and they have some video to show us. The cool thing this time around is that it’s from the PS3 version of the game! It looks quite good, but I saw some stutter. I hope that’s because of the video, and not because of the game. They also showed off some new maps and a new game type, Sabotage, which looks interesting.

So after a drought, we’re getting some more CoD4 info, and for the PS3 no less! This is great.

Follow the link for more videos, and HD versions (if you’re an IGN insider).

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Preview

  • MetalProxy

    Umm nice and tasty. It seems like the changed the knife stab so that its quicker.

  • I didn’t spot the stutter you mentioned… which is probably a good thing… Unless I’m getting too old and my eyes are shutting down 🙁

  • Videospel

    Nice, It looked like there was an almost solid framerate and that is all that matters! 🙂

  • derrickgott007

    At least they know how to get voice chat into their games…*cough cough midway*

  • nistlerooy

    u sed it was from ps3 but i noticed that the controls werwe for xbox!!! will the maps be available for ps3??

  • Don’t know what you’re talking about man. The video above is for the PS3. If you click on some of the other videos, they may not be.

    But the new maps will be available for the PS3, just a few weeks after the 360.

  • nistlerooy

    ok thanks for the advice!!
    its just on the video when the guy went to pick up a new gun it sed hold the ‘X’ button which i associate with xbox:s. but ill try to watch it again!!

  • nistlerooy

    but are there any videos of the new maps for ps3?? let me knoe please if you know anywhere i can preview them plz 😀

  • hobo

    ps3 has an “x” button too

  • Twat

    PS3 may have an X button but you use ‘square’ to pick up a new weapon. nistlerooy is right.

  • Bigz-b

    Actualy you can change the controller to X as the pick up button. Its easy.

  • cobra246

    you noobs you can change you buttons you know