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Poll: Which Consoles Do You Own |

I know I’ve done this poll before, but some time has passed since then. And I’m curious. So which next-gen consoles do you own? Vote in the sidebar as always.

Previous poll results:

Which PS3 SKU gives the best bang for the buck?

* Original 60GB PS3: 64% (157)
* Original 20GB PS3: 2% (6)
* European 60GB PS3: 15% (36)
* 80GB PS3: 8% (19)
* 40GB PS3: 11% (27)

Total Votes : 245

  • Rjcc

    ps3 + 360. I haven’t picked up any blu-ray movies or ps3 games on disc yet, but I just got the 360 hd dvd add-on w/ heroes, so I’m officially format war neutral, when I had originally planned on not buying either till it was over.

  • Philip

    Just a PS3 for the moment. There’s too much overlap with the 360 titles to justify having both, and many Xbox games are due out on the PC.

  • Sporty

    I have all 3, probably going to sell my Wii, haven’t touched it in 11 months since I beat Zelda except the odd SM64 sessions. I still have 1000 points unused on it.

    My Ps3 has become my media system since it upscales better them my DVD player and streams my media files.

    My 360 is the system I play games on without paying for them. I haven’t bought a game for 360 since Gears of War was a new release. I’ll use Gamefly, or other means. If the PS3 version is delayed or half ass I’ll just play it on 360 and not buy it. If it’s as good or better version on the PS3 I’ll buy that. Like Oblivion, I played through it on 360, then bought it on PS3.

  • ehandlr

    I have all 3 as well. I don’t think I could live without all 3….ironically…its tough to live with all 3 …….

  • I am with Philip on this.

    As my PC is rather fast, I don’t *NEED* a 360 at all, since most MS franchises/exclusives end up on the PC anyways (and MUCHO cheaper).

    My PS3 is switched on nearly daily, since it is a great media center. My HTPC records the programs I want to see, cuts out ads on the fly (noad plugin for VDR) and converts them to h264 afterwards^^ Great stuff 😀 (if there’ll be a DVB-S2 card for the Go TV stuff for the PS3, my HTPC gets obsolete^^)

    I am playing not much, mainly demos the last few weeks… Warhawk every now and then, but I don’t have much time to play anyways… That’s the advantage of tv series… They can be “watched” secondarily, while doing other stuff like cooking.

    A Wii? No way. We rented one for a weekend (with Play, Sports, Mario Party 8 and Resident Evil 4) and were utterly disappointed by it… I mean all of us. Bowling was great, but the lack of graphics (I mean, that stuff that was presented cannot be called graphics, when even the 8 year old PS2 can do more) were a real turnoff. The rest was just meh, and I mean really meh (still no walking in RE4 while aiming?? WTF mate).

    And, the BD ROM drive is great. I after all now have 2 movies for it 😀 Casino Royale (freebees ftw) and 300 (must buy, but sadly, the added space on the BD compared to the HDDVD was not used for higher bitrates, but then again, the video quality still is more than impressive).

    Sony, bring on more PS1 games on PSN and I will spend more money there! Really, where’s MGS1, where’s FF**…