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Uncharted Jet Ski Footage |

Oh man this looks better and better the more I see it:

My only gripes are that the bodies could’ve made a bigger splash when they hit the water and the barrels should’ve left some debri.

Looks gorgeous though. 🙂

Amazing Uncharted Jet Ski Footage

  • Nice, very nice. I might rent it now… 🙂

  • I am not too keen on the water splashes from barrel explosions. Rest of it, me likes.

  • derrickgott007

    What kind of gun was she shooting?? A hand held rocket launcher?

  • Huschke

    Well, even HL2 had better water-effects than this game. AND the source engine is not brand new!

  • Dartmerc

    maybe if you pumped HL2’s graphics right up and played with a $1000 video card, they might look as good.
    Cant wait for this game, was disapointed when i found out TR:A wasnt coming to PS3, I bet it will when they see how well this sells

  • ehandlr

    this is quite possibly the best looking game so far with the next gen systems. Its undeniably sexy in every way.

  • uncharted was a ‘maybe’ for me, but the more i see the more i like it…