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Preordered Japanese DUALSHOCK 3 |

Well, I bit the bullet. I followed Tosh’s lead today and pre-ordered a DUALSHOCK 3 from (Use the code WGASIA5 for $5 off. Thanks Tosh!) I already have four black SIXAXIS controllers, so I thought I’d do something different and get this one:


I know the price ($65) is a bit much, but hey. I know I’ll at least be able to use it with Warhawk come December. I hope other games issue rumble updates soon.

Once I get it, I’ll tell you all about it!

  • derrickgott007

    I am interested in hearing how that controller works on PS2 games.

  • iFlash

    I hope it works on a US PS3 or I just donated 65bux to

  • Davey

    I would also like to know how it works with ps2 games. If it does work, i will finally put my slim ps2 to rest with my old ps2. come to think of it, does anybody know if the gutair hero 3 controller would work for gh2? oh yeah i just heard something abut the PS3 version of blacksight are 51 is getting less content for multyplayer. More un fair treatment for the PS3. That just piss me off. oh well i guess i’ll the the 360 version og the game if it any good

  • No, the GH3 PS3 controller will NOT work with PS2 Guitar Hero games run on the PS3.

    Sucks, doesn’t it.

    Sometimes I hate Activision…

  • Davey

    man that suck that gh2 wont work. But does the new controller work on old ps2 games?

  • Darrin

    So is it the dualshock3 or the sixaxis? It has both those names printed on it.

    I’ll definitely buy this, but don’t mind waiting for the US version.

  • derrickgott007

    I kinda want a white controller to be that guy….the cool import guy….lol

  • derrickgott007

    Its called the Dual Sixaxshock 3… Watch, now that I named it that everyone will try to run with that name and claim that they thought it up…but ya’ll saw it first..I thought it up first at 1:35pm on tuesday october 23 2007.

  • Dual Sixaxwhat … ????

    You can keep it dude.

  • derrickgott007

    I’m not talking about ya’ll Henning, I was reffering to IGN and others.

  • TixSoul

    Well…What to say…Your post and you voice sounded to me like the devil’s voice…So I preordered one too (white as yours) and used the coupon code you suggested…And as you said I hope it will be region free as I live in Italy and own a PAL PS3!

    PS This time I can say that I’m lucky in living in Europe and buy stuff worlwide, ’cause at the moment Euro currency is strong! 🙂

  • Dartmerc

    @derrickgott007 , they’ll probably use a name that doesnt suck so bad.
    Like rumbleaxis 😀 or even dual shock 3.

    I’ll probably import, but i’ll wait until they are actually released over there first, not a huge fan of the pre-order

  • Sporty

    I’m tempted. I want a white one and more then likely it wont come out in white here.

    $65 seems steep for a controller, however it’s only $15 more then it will probably cost when it’s local.

    BTW iFlash, They confirmed it the controllers aren’t locked in regions. Insomniac said the JP controller will work on a US machine and play R&C with rumble on day one.

  • p3ngu

    Regarding the controller compatability issue; When i got my PAL PS3 here in Sweden, I ordered my second controller from the states. Works like a charm, should work the same way with the new one aswell.

    Think I’ll do the same with this one, $ is cheap now for us people living in europe 😉

  • MotorStorm will be patched with rumble support tomorrow.

  • I ordered two black ones

  • god nabbit! I tried to get Eye of Judgement from the same site. But for some obscure reason they can’t ship it to Europe. Asshats!

  • Huschke

    I’ll order them, after you guys got yours. Hopefully you’ll tell me whether or not it works with a european ps3.

  • Korama

    is a reliable website to order stuff from?? I’ve have read couple of bad things about them and wanted to know more..I’m thinking of getting GT5 because I can’t wait for the march release in US.thanks.

  • Korama

    and also what’s the difference between the US SIXAXIS controller and the Japan SIXAXIS DUALSHOCK controller??

  • I only ordered one thing from YesASIA, and that was the DUALSHOCK 3. It arrived just fine.

    There are two controllers for the PS3: the original SIXAXIS and the new SIXAXIS DUALSHOCK 3. The second one has rumble, the first one does not. It doesn’t matter if you buy the controller in the US or Japan – they’re the same. The DUALSHOCK 3 is not available in the US yet.

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