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Upcoming Firmware 1.94 will bring rumble |

The first title that will support rumble will be Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction. Joystiq says FW 1.94 is on the disc as well. Will this be a new trend? Warhawk will also rumble come this December.

I’ve read several places the the controller is region free. So a Japanese controller should work on any PS3 in the world. So will you import? Or will you wait until Spring 2008? I personally can’t wait, so me and Henning pre-ordered one (see story below).

PS3’s 1.94 firmware adds support for DualShock 3

  • HachiRoku

    I’ll be in Asia in Dec/Jan, so I’ll likely pick up a bunch of them. Hopefully the white one is there… that would be a change from the all-black controllers I have.
    If there is enough demand, I may consider buying up a bulk amount, and ship it to NA, then sell them off. But, seeing as I won’t be back until mid-January 2008, that will only be a 1.5 month advance, so not sure if that’s feasible.

  • Michael

    I can’t really figure out what the big deal is about rumble. It didn’t bother me to have it on the ps2, but I can’t say that I’ve missed it on the ps3, but everybody sure did make a fuss about not having it, so I’m glad it’s coming out so everyone can have it. What I’m really looking forward to is the vest that vibrates. That looks like a really cool new experience. Also, I want Sony to be top dog again during this console generation and everybody wants rumble so this will do nothing be help ps3 and it’s the next step that Sony is taking to get back on track.

  • Dartmerc

    Update is bundled on the R&C disk.

  • Sarlac

    nit pick…

    It’s not really a Japanese DS3 just because you get it from Japan. They all come from China anyway. Take a look at your controller, you’ll notice that it is not labeled SCEA or SCEE or SCEJ. just regular old Sony Computer Entertainment inc. Why would the controllers be region locked if the console is not? Even the games are not. I think it’s silly that anyone would even consider this possibility. Imagine the added expense of region specific controllers. Silly…