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Big PS3 Hits |

I was taking a look at the calendar for upcoming PS3 games, and noticed that for the next little while, every month will have some awesome hit games:


Ratchet & Clank
Guitar Hero III


Call of Duty 4
Assassin’s Creed
Drake’s Fortune
Rock Band


The Orange Box


Burnout Paradise
Soulcalibur IV


Devil May Cry 4
Killzone 2


Fallout 3
Metal Gear Solid 4

Q1 2008

Army of Two
Metal Gear Online

Too many titles, not enough money…

IGN PS3 Release Schedule

  • I really hope EA does The Orange Box justice.

    Their recent offerings have been of a much better standard than their earlier PS3 stuff so I have high hopes I WILL be getting HL 2 when it’s released…

  • Darrin

    I bet half of those Q1 2008 titles will be delayed.

    Other than that, great list!

  • Matt

    Where is PES 😛

  • Davey

    Anyone guess on wich games will gett delayed?

  • Matt

    ive not heard much recently about assassins creed so ill go for that

  • not enough money, and not enough time!

  • Emrah

    Definite: Uncharted, LittleBigPlanet, Killzone2
    Maybe: Haze, Ratchet&Clank
    Based on the demo (if there’s one): Assassin’s Creed, COD4

    For COD4, I will decide to buy it whether for PC or PS3, based on its demo. I liked the PC demo but I’ll see if PS3 delivers constant frame-rates without settings tweaking (PC version is very optimized too. They sure know how to programme, these fellas, and it is more fun with K/B and mouse)

  • Don’t count on it Gary.

  • Well,

    Europes release dates are different…

    Uncharted will come early December, RnCF comes 9th November and the PSEye comes 21st November (I’d get it tomorrow if it was out already).

    What I find very suspect of Mss Raymond… She said, it was not feasable to make a demo of AC, because of Sandbox… Yet there was a slimmed down demo at E3 (iirc, could also have been somehwhere else). With the recent Raymond blowout, the game gets overlooked very much, I fear, this game lacks very much!! (I always had doubts, so I could be wrong).

    And Henning, you completely forgot my only preordered game yet… GTA4^^

  • I just noticed SCIV is coming in Jan? EGM says fall of ’08.

  • Darrin

    Segitz, there is no way GTA4 is coming out in Q1 2008. They said Feb-April, and that probably means April at the absolute earliest.

    Definitely my #1 anticipated title, btw

  • SCIV … Sim City..?

  • astronautbread

    Soul Calibur IV in Jan?
    Fallout 3 in March?
    no way in hell..

    either way I’ll be getting
    uncharted, littlebigplanet, assassin’s creed, and burnout paradise