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New Blu-ray movies for the week 10.29.07 |

If you’re a Spider-Man fan and a Blu-ray fan, man what a week for you! This week you can get the “Spider-Man: The High Definition Trilogy”. Then there are a few HD Blu-ray titles to just … show off your big HDTV.

* Spider-Man: The High Definition Trilogy (Sony Pictures)
* Spider-Man 3 (Sony Pictures)
* David Gilmour: Remember That Night (Sony Music)
* The Polar Express (Warner Bros.)
* Exotic Saltwater Aquarium (DVD International)
* Fireplace: Visions of Tranquility (DVD International)
* HDScape Sampler (DVD International)
* License to Wed (Warner Bros.)
* HD Window: Hawaii (DVD International)
* Antarctica Dreaming: Wildfire on Ice (DVD International)
* HD Window: The Great Southwest (DVD International)
* Visions of the Sea: Explorations (DVD International)
* Serenity: Southern Seas (DVD International)
* Digital Video Essentials (DVD International)
* StarGaze II: Visions of the Universe (DVD International)

  • I was shopping today and also looked thru the small BDROM collection that is available in Germany now…

    Saw Spider-Man 3 too… They wanted 36€ for it (52 USD!!!), what a rip off! But they had the new Sony BDROM player (dunno its strange numbery name) for 499€ with 5 (good!) bdroms included, much like the offer you guys in the US have. There was Spider-Man 3 and some other “better” movies there, not just the crap of the crops!

  • Pc

    I don’t own any of the Spider Man movies yet, so i just might have to buy the trilogy on blu-ray next week 🙂

  • Nah, those aren’t my kind of movies^^

    The best thing I saw this week was a “new” release of the LotR trilogy… ON DVD FGS… Why oh why don’t they release it in HD? Are they waiting for next year (they surely are, low install base and all that, but without content, the best medium isn’t going to sell) or what?

  • I picked up the Spider-Man Trilogy (BD) a couple of Saturdays ago. The first film is still the best and how hot is Kirsten Dunst in the rain with her wet top! 😳