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HDD and BDD Advantages |

Every console has its advantages and disadvantages. The 360 has the awesome Xbox Live service and a more established consumer base. The Wii has… uh… something. (Sorry guys, the Wii just doesn’t appeal to me in any way.) The PS3 has several things going for it, two of which are the standard HDD and BD drives. Here PALGN asks the Drake’s Fortune developers about the PS3:

PALGN: Can you tell us why Uncharted is only possible on the PlayStation 3?

EW: There are a few things. Primarily the whole experience is enabled by the use of the hard drive. If we did not have the hard drive then we could not present the game in the seamless load free way that we are. After you start until you turn the console off and go eat your lunch and come back there is not going to be another load time and you can play the game from start to finish. That was really key to us something that we established with Jak and Daxter and it keeps you immersed in the experience. As soon as you hit those load screens, as soon as you have to take that break, you may put the controller down, you may do something else we really just want to engross you in this experience. So, the hard drive really helped with that. The other thing that we’ve got going for us is the Blu Ray. We filled that thing up to 24 plus gigs, it was right at the end where we were literally running out of place where we were having to start pulling some stuff out, we ended up fortunately finding this unused cache of audio lines we were able to pull out to save some space so we could get everything in that we wanted to get in. I’m not going to stand here and say it would have been impossible to do on DVD but it would have been a different game, it really would have. It could have looked worse, we would have had to make concessions in terms of our compression. We would have had to spend a lot more developer resources focusing on how to get it on the disk when we could have been creating the game, making it more fun, making it more beautiful. So I’m really happy just to have that. We’re still on single layer and this is our first game out of the gates. So I highly suspect that on our future games we’ll even go to a double layer and we’re going to even start putting more than 24-25 gigs into a single game.

I really liked that response. It tells us the advantages of the HDD and BD built in to the PS3, but in a humble way, without trying to start a war.

Naughty Dog Interview Part One – PlayStation 3 Interview

  • derrickgott007

    Finally a developer that speaks the truth about the PS3…. Hopefully other developers will follow their lead and pack their games to the gills since there is a HDD and a Blu-ray drive in EVERY PS3.

  • Nathaniel

    I think that this game is going to be massive. Naughty Dog have just steadily released info on this game quietly working away on a truly beautiful looking game. I think this is the dark horse of the holiday period and its going to sell PS3’s by the bucket load, they know this and the steady trickle of info is only building the anticipation of this title to a maximum

    Lots of people around the office not usually bothered by the PS3 have taken notice of the price drop and commented on this game. It just shows that with the right developers taking their time and concentrating on one platform some great games can be created. Insomniac and Naughty Dog have a lot to proud of and both have stated that none of their current generation games would have been possible if it wasn’t for the PS3.

    Once the dodge XBOX ports have finished and developers have more time to spend on the PS3 more great games will follow.

  • Darrin

    I’d still like someone to do some objective real world disc speed tests that compare DVD vs BD. Rather than merely interview statements that rest on the resume of the speaker, I’d like to see hard repeatable test data.

    Eventually, I will give this a real shot if no one else does.

    Definitely nice quotes though.

  • Bob Davey

    Disk speed? That really doesnt matter, IMHO.
    A) I would take a slightly slower speed for over 15x more space(dual layer of course)
    B) Disk drive speeds will increase as time goes on. Ya, i know, we all have ps3s now with the first gen drives, but they will come out with newer models.

    People complained about the disk speed of the ps2 when that first came out and said we should stay with carts. How did that work out?

  • Darrin, do it yourself…

    Since the 360s dvd drive is an off the shelf part, you can test nearly every other 16x DVD drive there is for a pc… (keep in mind, it is “common knowledge” that on dual layer discs, the read speed drops to 8x, which is 10.5mb/s MAX, i.e. at the outer edge)

    On the PS3, just install Linux and test it… And I guarantee you, that the sustained read speed (i.e. from start to finish) of a BD ROM is 9MB/s, if the disc is clean (and the lense too), not matter of dual layer or not.

    These differences are minute and, since all PS3s have an HDD, streaming off of it should be no problem either (Ridge Racer, a launch game did it!!)

  • Darrin

    Segitz, that’s roughly what I plan to do:
    – Get new PS3 HDD. Move PS3 stuff there, reformat existing 60GB for Linux
    – I have existing PC with DVD drive. I would happily buy another DVD drive if that will provide more relevant data.
    – Run some tests. After some searching, Bonnie++ sounds adequate. Cross platform. However, I won’t know if this will provide adequate data until I’ve run it.

    Ideally I want to test:
    – Both sequential/random access speeds across a 4GB blu-ray and 4GB single layer DVD disc.
    – Both sequential/random access speeds across a 8GB blu-ray and 8GB dual layer DVD disc.

    Eventually, I plan to do this. But right now, I have much more important work tasks to be focused on and I really don’t have the time to pick this up.