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New Resistance Fall of Man Patch Rumbles |

The new patch enables Rumble and another cool feature “snapshot Mode”. Use the PRT SCRN on your keyboard and it will save it to the XMB. Cool stuff. Hopefully more titles will have this feature.

Turn off 40s and Tags

Private Game with password

Roundbalancing more aggressive



Decrease damage and range of Shotrange

Increase Laark reload – decrease radius of explosion and the speed

Frag grenade – less radius

More damage with Hedgehog – put smaller chance of One-Hit kill

Increasing the range of fire of Arc Charger + damage increased

Decreasing the damage of secondary Arc Charger

Clip-Fire reduced

Bullseye Tag Re-fire is slower

Custom Game Mode – Voicechat with EVERYONE in the game

Bug fixes

Elite Soldier and Assains Medal recorded in all game modes

Defender Medals in CTF record in ranked too

You can use PRT SCRN on your keyboard to take pictures and save them directly to your ps3 hard drive

New unlockables:

Clank backpack
Magna Boots
Ratchet’s Wrench

Wonder what the Magna Boots look like! πŸ™‚

Resistance Fall of Man New patch Details – includes Rumble and snapshot Mode

  • derrickgott007

    Let’s see who can take the coolest picture and post it here. People are taking some really cool pictures on Skate so it should be cool to see what we can get out of Resistance. Wonder if that picture mode works online or just offline?

  • Gary

    I’m pleased the Shotgun and LAARK have been weakened. I would’ve preferred it if they removed the LAARK completely though. 😑

  • Dartmerc

    LAARK is awesome fun for 4 player offline play. I play LAARK only matches in bus yards, the stop-start airbreaks are so much fun to play with.