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Remote Start your PS3 with upcoming FW 2.00 |

The PSP recently got a firmware update 3.72. And it had something very interesting in the new feature list.

* Support has been added for [Remote Start]* of the PS3 system under [Remote Play].

*To use this feature, the PS3 system software must be version 2.00 or later. For detailed information about [Remote Start], visit the PS3 Help & Support section at and select Connecting to other devices in the General Guides area.

So when will this the 2.00 PS3 FW hit? Hopefully soon. Now I don’t have leave the PS3 on remote play while away from home, how great is that 🙂

Update features (ver 3.72)

  • JimmyStewart

    Can anyone explain exactly what this feature does? I thought I understood remote play in general but I’m beginning to think I don’t. As I understand it, it’s a feature that lets me basically view and interact with my PS3 through my PSPs screen, instead of through the TV. I’ve toyed with this a few times, and while it’s cool on some trivial level… I can’t see any real advantage to doing this. The picture is better on my HDTV to begin with and I don’t see any advantage to controlling my PS3 through my PSP. Like i said, kind of neat… but pointless for the most part.

    But after reading this post I’m curious if I’m missing something. Why would a person leave the PS3 on while away from home with remote play enabled… isn’t the remote play feature limited to the WiFi network? What does one gain from leaving the PS3 on remote play while you’re not at home… the way mine is setup that wouldn’t provide any benefit at all. In my situation, I wouldn’t have access to remote play until I arrived at home… at which point again it’s not really desired to control the PS3 with my PSP at all.

    I’m just confused. What exactly does this do? Are you guys somehow streaming video via the internet and hotspots you have near work? Is that even possible? Or is this some elaborate joke I’ve completely missed!

  • Well me personally I use it when the PSN gets updated. I download the demos, movies, etc. while at work. Then when I get home I have them all waiting for me 🙂

    But I have used it to listen to music, use the PS3 browser, reply the PSN buddy list messages, leave my eye toy on and use it kind of like a home security camera 😛

  • liar


    Yes your missing the part about it also working over the for example you can keep your entire music collection on the PS3 and listen to songs at work or a wi-fi spot.

    Another use at home is to listen to music off your PS3 while working somewhere else in the house..or use the screen based stuff if a significant other is using the t.v to watch a broadcast show etc…

    In addition to the pragmatic things Tosh already suggested.

  • Sporty

    I was kinda interesting in the fact that future games can allow you to play PS3 game on your PSP with remote play, Like Lair.

    And yes your missing a few points Jimmy.

    First with this new update you don’t need to leave your PS3 on. It’s internet connection not just your Local WiFi. So say you have videos/movies music games on your PS3 at home in Where every. Hop on a plane with your PSP, come to California, start up your PSP and access anything on your system at home. When your done you can turn your PS3 off again remotely.

    With the new PSP Slims you can even use the TV out to watch on any other TV while away from home. In EU and Pal regions when they get DVR functions you can watch what you recorded at home anywhere.

    And Like Tosh said. you can log onto your PS3 while not at home and start to download new demos/games trailers from PSN so they are ready for you when you get home

  • JimmyStewart

    Wow, I had no idea it would work over the internet. I mean I was sure there would’ve been some dodgy software someone would’ve made to make it work… but that’s awesome that it’s already supported. That’s a much handier feature than I understood it to be. I especially like Tosh’s idea to start downloads while at work. Granted, where I work you can’t use the internet for personal use so it wouldn’t work for me… but if I found a local hot spot I could probably accomplish most of it on a break. Or I’d like a feature like the 360’s got where if you have downloads going and you shut down the console it will go into a “download mode” where it keeps running until the downloads finish up and then powers itself off.

    That’s a really cool idea! I’ve already got an iPod for all my music but I’d love to setup this up to stream some TV to my PSP. Currently I’ve been sending them from the Tivo to the PSP… but I have limited space that way. This way I could load it all up on my PC and use the PS3 to get it to my PSP. Thanks for the info guys. I knew I was missing something.

  • i like the idea of using the eye toy as a security camera, how do you do it? and yeah, downloading games while at work is a great time saving idea!

  • You just start a video chat on the friends part of the XMB 🙂