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HDD and BDD Advantages

Every console has its advantages and disadvantages. The 360 has the awesome Xbox Live service and a more established consumer base. The Wii has… uh… something. (Sorry guys, the Wii just doesn’t appeal to me in any way.) The PS3 has several things going for it, two of which are the standard HDD and BD drives. Here PALGN asks the Drake’s Fortune developers about the PS3:

PALGN: Can you tell us why Uncharted is only possible on the PlayStation 3?

EW: There are a few things. Primarily the whole experience is enabled by the use of the hard drive. If we did not have the hard drive then we could not present the game in the seamless load free way that we are. After you start until you turn the console off and go eat your lunch and come back there is not going to be another load time and you can play the game from start to finish. That was really key to us something that we established with Jak and Daxter and it keeps you immersed in the experience. As soon as you hit those load screens, as soon as you have to take that break, you may put the controller down, you may do something else we really just want to engross you in this experience. So, the hard drive really helped with that. The other thing that we’ve got going for us is the Blu Ray. We filled that thing up to 24 plus gigs, it was right at the end where we were literally running out of place where we were having to start pulling some stuff out, we ended up fortunately finding this unused cache of audio lines we were able to pull out to save some space so we could get everything in that we wanted to get in. I’m not going to stand here and say it would have been impossible to do on DVD but it would have been a different game, it really would have. It could have looked worse, we would have had to make concessions in terms of our compression. We would have had to spend a lot more developer resources focusing on how to get it on the disk when we could have been creating the game, making it more fun, making it more beautiful. So I’m really happy just to have that. We’re still on single layer and this is our first game out of the gates. So I highly suspect that on our future games we’ll even go to a double layer and we’re going to even start putting more than 24-25 gigs into a single game.

I really liked that response. It tells us the advantages of the HDD and BD built in to the PS3, but in a humble way, without trying to start a war.

Naughty Dog Interview Part One – PlayStation 3 Interview


60GB PS3 for $399

Derrick sent me this photo showing a 60GB PS3 going for just $399 (after mail-in rebate) at Hastings. Why bother with the 40GB at this price?



New Blu-ray movies for the week 10.29.07

If you’re a Spider-Man fan and a Blu-ray fan, man what a week for you! This week you can get the “Spider-Man: The High Definition Trilogy”. Then there are a few HD Blu-ray titles to just … show off your big HDTV.

* Spider-Man: The High Definition Trilogy (Sony Pictures)
* Spider-Man 3 (Sony Pictures)
* David Gilmour: Remember That Night (Sony Music)
* The Polar Express (Warner Bros.)
* Exotic Saltwater Aquarium (DVD International)
* Fireplace: Visions of Tranquility (DVD International)
* HDScape Sampler (DVD International)
* License to Wed (Warner Bros.)
* HD Window: Hawaii (DVD International)
* Antarctica Dreaming: Wildfire on Ice (DVD International)
* HD Window: The Great Southwest (DVD International)
* Visions of the Sea: Explorations (DVD International)
* Serenity: Southern Seas (DVD International)
* Digital Video Essentials (DVD International)
* StarGaze II: Visions of the Universe (DVD International)


Activision and PS3 Gamers

I’ve been criticized every so often for being down on Sony and the PS3. So I thought I’d change things up a bit and talk about Activision instead. And I won’t even state my opinion. I’ll just state some facts.

Activision released Call of Duty 3 as a launch game for the PS3. It did not have headset support (unlike the 360 version), a vital component for playing team-based games. It also had a lot of problems with connecting to games. And it did not receive any downloadable content, also unlike the 360 version of the game.

Activision did not release Guitar Hero II as a PS3 launch game, even though they probably could have.

Activision gave Guitar Hero I, II, and 80’s owners no reliable way to play those games on the PS3 with the guitar controller.

Now they release Guitar Hero III. There was no demo (there could have been if they had a solution for PS2 guitars on the PS3). The PS3 guitar has an ugly dongle. Guitar Hero III does not support the Rock Band guitar. (Even though Rock Band supports the Guitar Hero guitar.) The PS3 guitar does not support PS2 GH games played on a PS3! And worst of all, according to this IGN review of Guitar Hero III: “The PS3 version doesn’t have any option to invite a friend into a game, so if you go with that version you’ll probably wind up playing with more strangers than anything else.

What the heck?

[Edit: Now comes word that 360 owners will be getting a patch to enable offline co-op quickplay. No word on a similar patch for PS3 or Wii owners.]


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