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CoD4 Perks |

Anyone who plays CoD4 multiplayer knows all about perks. But did you know what rank gets you which perk?

Perk 1:

  • Bomb Squad
    Ability to seek out enemy explosives
  • (2x) RPG-7
    You will have an RPG-7 in the game.
  • (3x) Special Grenades
    You will be able to use special grenades in the game such as flash grenades.
  • (2x) C4
    When enabled, you will have two C4’s per spawn.
  • (2x) Claymore
    Trip activated exposive mines (Unlocked at Rank 23)
  • Frag x 3
    3 Frag Grenades (Unlocked at Rank 41)
  • Bandolier
    Adds more ammo to your clip (Unlocked at Rank 32)

Perk 2:

  • Juggernaut
    Gives you extra health.
  • Sleight of Hand
    You can reload your gun faster. (Unlocked at Rank 20)
  • Stopping Power
    Bullets do more damage.
  • UV Radar Jammer
    Jams Enemy Radar (Unlocked at Rank 11)
  • Sonic Boom
    Higher explosive damage
  • Double Tap
    Increased Rate of Fire. (Unlocked at Rank 29)
  • Overkill
    Carry two primary weapons, no pistol (Unlocked at Rank 38)

Perk 3:

  • Extreme Conditioning
    Allows you to sprint longer.
  • Steady Aim
    Increase hip-fire accuracy
  • Last Stand
    Pull out a pistol after you are downed to shoot your killer before you bleed out. (Unlocked at Rank 8 )
  • Deep Impact
    Increases penetration and damage of all weapons through walls or cover.
  • Dead Silence
    You make less noise as you move. (Unlocked at Rank 44)
  • Iron Lung
    Increases the time you can hold your breathe while zooming in with a sniper. (Unlocked at Rank 26)
  • Eavesdrop
    Allows you to listen in on enemy conversation within 30 meters (approximately 90 feet). (Unlocked at Rank 35)
  • Martyrdom
    Drop a grenade just before you die to kill any nearby enemies. (Unlocked at Rank 17)

Lately I’ve been enjoying this combo:

(3x) Special Grenades
Sleight of Hand
Extreme Conditioning

I’m looking forward to Bandolier, because I like using submachines. I recently unlocked the AK-74u, which I’ve been playing with at work (on PC). Don’t have it yet at home (on PS3).

  • Pc

    I load out with 3x special grenades, stopping power, and deep impact with my AK-74u. It makes a pretty nasty combo !!! I can’t wait to unlock bandolier and overkill 🙂 I’m currently lvl 31…

  • aladiesman

    sleight of hand

    these with the p90 makes for a great game

  • Kin9Schmoo

    This is what I roll with:

    Claymore x2 (grosses me 10-15% of my kills)
    Double Tap
    Martyrdom (grosses me 25-30% of my kills)

    Right now I’m using the MP5 Sub until I get the G36C unlocked at lvl 37. (Same Sub I use in R6V and love it)

  • tommy

    frag x3
    double tap
    steady aim

    was w/ skorpion, now p90 and it owns

  • Mahur


    Double Tap

    pure pwnage ;p


    Except REAL servers dont allow people to use Martyrdom.


    double tap
    steady aim

    w/ mp5

    still trying to get bandolier because it works amazingly but eats up ammo

  • Rob

    I tend to use either my m16 or mp5 but this combo seems to work well with a lot of guns,

    dead silence

    My secondary weapon ( due to overkill ) is usually a sniper rifle. I sneak around the map with dead silence shooting people with my silenced mp5, then lay some claymores and find a nice sniper spot. 🙂

  • iPWN

    Special Nade (flash)

    For people who enjoy running in with assault weapons =)

  • urmom


    double tap

  • Stopping Power
    Steady Aim
    3x Frag
    M16 w/ Red Dot
    Blue Tiger Camo

  • Destiny

    Currently, I’m lvl 47 – working on 55! I use: 3 nades, slight of hand, & endurance. Works well for me. I get to the fight before most others, toss nades enroute and can reload quickly while dominating!

    I play with another player who uses stun nades and knifes everyone. It’s pretty awesome but hard to perfect.

  • this is the ultimate combo that i use-

    m4 carbine
    red dot lazer sight
    double tap
    stopping power
    red tiger camo

    with that combination i kick ass!!!

  • RPD with Grip
    Stopping Power

    Quickly kills everything at short to medium range

  • Ben Dover

    radar jammer
    dead silence
    best combo possible

  • Sputnik 006

    M-16A4 red dot sight
    Dead Silence

    Add me on Xbox live: Sputnik 006

  • ToFu

    3x frag
    deep impact

    M249SAW AND M60E4 xD

    lots of bullets lots of fun

  • lolxy

    sleight of hand
    last stand

    m4 with silencer

    lol gay fast grenade reload….. last stand to piss people off

  • havok16 (am on ps3 network)

    bandolier i want, because i use the m4 a lot, and run out, my main perk combo is claymore(very useful), stopping power and normaly deep penetration, exept on my smg (scorpian) class, where i use steady aim instead of deep penetration

  • havok16 (am on ps3 network)

    ^^oh, and sleight of hand on my shotgun class^^

  • 5n7p3r

    Skorpion Red Tiger:
    UAV Jammer
    Dead Silence

    With this I can easily get first place.

    also marty is for n00bs and requires no skill

  • Gordon Brown

    RPD + Grip

    Double Tap
    Stopping Power

    I’m off.

  • Your mother

    When you get bomb squad ho do you use it?
    I know it seeks out bombs but how do you fing them do they show up on your map or somethin???

  • You just see a bomb symbol making the bomb obvious.

  • Dyri

    iron lungs

  • PlayMaker

    here’s a combo you’ll pwn with:


    3xFrag/Bandolier (which ever suits your style best)

    Stopping power (making the mp5 do as much damage as the AK47u)

    steady aim

  • eLMO

    here is some gooood perks 4 p90:

    2.Double tap
    3.deep inpact

    it works awesome
    have a nice fraging =)

  • eLMO

    Here are the best perks for M1014 (sotgun)

    2.Sleight of hand
    3.deep impact

    it works verry nice with this perks
    Have a nice fraging =)

  • andy_murphy1993 = psn


    stopping power (extra damage with ur bullets)
    dead silence (move fast but no one can hear u)
    frag x3 (3 frag hegrenades)

    thats mine i have 5 class 3 of them r with the ak-74u so i hv 2 more class but that up top my favourite

  • Heyy everyone add my Ps3 name COD4 PWNS.

    PERK-3 frags
    PERK-double tap OWNS


  • (911)casperkills69

    1. AK-47 + silencer
    2. any pistol of your choice with silencer
    perks 1. bomb squad

  • (911)casperkills69

    1. Ak-47
    2. pistol of your choice
    perks 1. bomb squad
    2. stopping power
    3. steady aim

  • I play on PC at a gaming centre, currently training for a LAN competition.


    M16 – gr8 weapon, reminds of the BR on Halo 3!!!

    Red dot

    Pistol with silencer

    Perk 1 – special nades – gr8 for clearing out a room with a knife or frag!

    Perk 2 – double tap – makes the m16 so deadly it owns!

    Perk 3 – Extreme conditioning – lol i hate walking!

    I also own with the sniper R700 all the way!!

    Please visit my website n HAPPY FRAGGING

  • Richard

    3 frags or claymore
    Double Tap
    Deep Impact
    Best Streak 49 kicks ass wooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

  • PhOeNiX

    my sniper class is a ghillie in the mist
    Bomb Squad :get to the other sniper with out a claymore in the way
    Uav Jammer :camping snipers dont know what there missing out on
    Extreme conditioning: RUN FOREST RUN!

  • PhOeNiX

    my sniper class is a ghillie in the mist
    Bomb Squad :get to the other sniper with out a claymore in the way
    Uav Jammer :camping snipers dont know what there missing out on
    Extreme conditioning: RUN FOREST RUN!

    grenadier class
    G36c red dot or acog watever ur good with
    Frag x 3
    Sonic boom

    Mp5 Silenced
    badolier or c4
    uav Jammer
    dead silence

  • eLMO

    BEST CLASS EVER!!!!!!!

    M4 Carabine + red dot sight
    Stun nade

    1.Bandoiler (only for good players)
    2.stoping power (m4 have great stats exept damage , this will encrease it)
    3.Deep impact (for shooting thro the walls)

    have a nice fraging 😉

  • SnubTwee

    Here’s what I use. Claymore. Overkill. Iron Lungs. Stun Nade. Primary:50 cal Secondary:P90 with silencer,up close shooting

  • Pimpboy3732

    I use the MP5 Slienced
    Frag X3
    Uav Jammer
    Dead Slience
    But i play hardcore on xbox 360 so idk if this class will help any on non hardcore mode

  • ReallyBadEggz

    wow…am I the only one who uses a m14?

    14 with silencer, claymores, UAV jammer, extreme conditioning
    get to a hiding place nice and fast, then sit back and shoot people while invisible on radar…

    if spray and pray is your game,
    M60E4 with red dot sight, double tap, frag x3 and extreme conditioning

    If you don’t feel like aiming,
    M1014 (with grip of course), frag x3, Sleight of hand, and extreme conditioning

  • apo


    red dot
    stopping power
    deep penetration

  • RockMe

    M4 / Red dot sight

    ~double tap
    -Owns hard for long to close range. Works very well for me

    P90 / Red dot sight

    ~Stopping Power
    -I use it at maps like Wetwork, or any map that will be nade spammed

    The first sniper, I don’t know the name :/

    ~OverKill / MP5/Silencer
    ~Iron Lungs
    -I use this mostly on populated servers(like 20 on 20) For long and close range ;D

  • im a proper noob nd l love noob tube so it wud have to be
    deep impact
    with p90 on shipment its
    ull get about 15-20 kils wid ur martydom at least 😛

  • Elegost


  • jonesy

    i am a good sniper and i always use dragonov

    add me on xbox live xXLETHAL 4D4MXx

  • cod 4

    ak 47
    stopping power
    steady aim

    hit twice fast strong

  • Josh

    M60E4 Acog scope
    Double Tap
    Deep Impact