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Naruto PS3 Project Video |

I’m excited to see that Naruto is finally coming to the PS3. And the graphics look on par with the anime too. Wonder how far into the series it goes? Honestly I wish it would start with the Naruto Shippuuden series 🙂 But I’m ok with the younger Naruto as well. I hope you can play as Rock Lee, he’s my favorite character!

Man I hope you can choose Japanese voices with English subs. I hate the English voices on Naruto, they are so bad.

  • ehandlr

    The graphics are amazing thus far. They will be starting with a younger Naruto from what I understand. Its not a port from the 360 game and its done by Namco-Bandai rather then Ubisoft. and yes…I to hate the English version.

  • First of all, IT’S ALL ABOUT GAARA!

    Shippuden has me on the edge of my seat every week, and somehow, i wish they did make a US marketed Shippuden game in the near future.

    And I think in rise of the ninja, there’s an option to change the voices to the Japanese version. They need to start doing that for all the hardcore Naruto fans!


  • Emrah

    How can we be sure these are done using the game engine? Are we sure this is not a proof-of-concept, offline rendered?

  • ehandlr

    This video is a target concept. Not in-game.

  • ~Lil’ IRAQ~

    Man This is so cool i have a ps3 so i’m looking forward to this

  • ~Lil’ IRAQ~

    Man This is so cool i have a ps3 so i really want to play this.
    i dont know why yaw be hating on the english version, it’s tight too cuz u n understand what the hell there saying… duh!

  • I hate that cartoon. Naruto’s voice is irratating. But I’m glad Namco is making the popular franchise for the PS3.

  • Maybe a bit off topic, but does anyone here know wether I can get the previous 2 naruto titles (There are 2 of them released here) on the PS2 in a Japanese / English-Sub flavor?

    I really REALLY hate the english dubs