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Uncharted Review Round Up |

The first couple of reviews of Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune are up. Firstly, here’s a little quote from Eurogamer’s Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune review:

By starting with a great control and camera system, building on that with excellent combat and a wonderful spin on Ico’s platform adventuring, and then topping it off with a decent storyline, Naughty Dog has cooked up one of the most relentlessly entertaining, fat-free games to emerge in ages. Topped off with the most stunning use of the PS3’s underused technical prowess yet, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune is, for my money, the first must-have PlayStation 3 title.

I’ll overlook that list bit for now.

Here’s a little taster from IGN’s Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune review:

Can Naughty Dog live up to more than a year of mouthwatering coverage and placate fans who forked over $600 to see stellar title after stellar title come out on non-PS3 platforms?

Yes. Yes, it can. Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune is the most fun I’ve had in a videogame this year.

1up’s review of Uncharted is also up.

Pretty good so far. has an interview with Evan Wells and Christophe Balestra, of Naughty Dog.

I will update this post once more reviews come in.


  1. Nathaniel

    So far so good, after playing the demo i will be picking this up at launch. The controls are excellent and the gameplay just as good. Looks like it will last around 7/8 hours but most reviewers are saying that the replayability is high (lots of stuff to find and collect) as its so enjoyable to play.

    Thanks for the round up Gary!

  2. Cheers Nat! It’s a definite purchase for me but that was decided before the demo.

    Naughty Dog are a quality dev company so I was always confident that Uncharted would be a quality game.

  3. so far so good… looks like i’ll be picking this one up at launch too.

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