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YourRhythmics |

If you’re a long-time reader of this site, you’ll know that I enjoy rhythm games from Harmonix like Frequency, Amplitude, and Guitar Hero. You’ll also have guessed that I’m looking forward to Rock Band.

While I’m not great at these games (the Hard difficulty is really hard for me!), I still enjoy them. And so does my friend Todd, who I’ve mentioned here before. He has a 360, and enjoys rocking on that platform. The two of us decided to create a new site dedicated to talking about these rhythm games, and we called it YourRhythmics. So feel free to drop by and add to the discussion.

Note that we’re still working on choosing a theme, so don’t be surprised to see it change now and again.


  • I really like the layout. Maybe add a music note or something at the top?

  • jwspiker

    be nice to track the RockBand PS3 guitar problems with the Guitar hero 3 guitar(les paul). I’m not sure why they can’t get their guitars to work on their different systems.. while the 360 can. very irritating.