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Fatal Inertia Better on PS3? |

Maybe it’s better that the PS3 gets a delayed version of a game for once:

The company is spending more time on it after the 360 version failed to ignite critical fuses when it was released in September. According to a spokesperson for the publisher, they’re polishing up technical areas and putting together a more enticing demo than Live customers were treated to.

I have to admit that Fatal Inertia doesn’t look like my kind of game. I’m a fan of racing games in general, but I don’t like the particular sub-genre wherein the vehicle doesn’t actually touch the road. You lose a sense of actually controlling the vehicle.

But if this version is that much better than the 360 version, then I’ll at least give it a rental.

Fatal Inertia better on PS3


  1. You’re so much of a fanboy you’ll rent a game just because they’ve fixed some issues present in the 360 version? Man that’s pathetic.

  2. Thanks Rich. I appreciate your maturity.

  3. eh, I really doubt they’re going to manage to take all of the suck out, which is the game’s main problem. the prevalence of suck.

  4. jwspiker

    well, did you like the original wipeout, generally i’d agree, wipeout was amazing.

  5. Atleast MS gets the most sucky version.

  6. At least they say the demo will be from the ‘updated’ version. So we can see if it lost any of it’s suck factor. But I’m not a fan of these kinds of games anyways. I never even liked Wipeout so no point in saying I’ll pass on this

  7. Wipeout HD all the way baby!

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