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Orange Box Worse on PS3. |

While the delayed Fatal Inertia for the PS3 will benefit from the delay, it doesn’t look like the delay will help the PS3 port of The Orange Box any:

After spending a significant amount of time with a near final version of the PS3 game, it’s apparent that this version suffers from a number of technical flaws, which at best merely hinder game play and at worst make the experience downright unplayable. Framerate is a consistent issue throughout the Half-Life series of games included in The Orange Box. One moment you’ll be cruising through the game at 30 frames per second and the next you’ll be enjoying a slideshow of series protagonist Gordon Freeman cruising down the river. However, Portal suffers from no such technical hiccups and is on its way to being a pitch-perfect port of the spatial reasoning exercise. Due to a server connection issue, we were unable to get any time with Team Fortress 2.

Solution? Don’t buy the game. I was really looking forward to Team Fortress 2, but if it has the same issues that Half-Life has, I’m not buying.

Half-Life 2: Orange Box PS3 Preview, Half-Life 2: Orange Box Playstation 3 Preview

  • Just buy it on a piece of hardware capable of running it. Odds are you have a 360 or semi powerfull PC anyway. If not then put up with it, Orange Box is worth it for Portal Alone.

  • Nathaniel

    Well i am really disappointed about this, i was really looking forward to this but since Gabe Newel came out with his hatred of all things PS3 i have been suspicious about this port been good, EA aren’t the best at games anyway never mind ports, it has been delayed twice now and this preview dont look good…..

    I might give this a miss now especially if the game suffers as a result, i am getting Uncharted now instead of this as the release has been put back so i might get COD4 instead of Half Life, by the time i pick COD4 up all the connection issues should have been sorted…..

  • iFlash

    I wouldn’t buy it even if it was good. Gabe does not need any more money. He runs his mouth and pretty much calls PS3 owners stupid.

  • Just so you know, if you make any stupid comments like “Solution? Don’t buy a PS3”, they’ll just be deleted. I’ve already deleted two of them.

  • derrickgott007

    People tend to forget that Gabe made his millions while working for MICROSOFT. Ex-Microsoft employee’s have amazing loyalty to Microsoft still, and if they don’t the money Microsoft shoves at them makes them.

    Microsoft IS paying these people to make the XBOX version of games better. Gabe has been very vocal about his dislike for the PS3 which is a shame…Just because he doesn’t like it personally he is ruining our gaming experiance. The only way to get our message across is that we not support anything done by this fat ass.

  • John

    Gabe got himself hacked by a simple email scam, which resulted in the HL2 code leak. It guess that event alone pretty much disqualifies him from making any technical comments. His years of technological understanding are long gone, he’s just another potty-mouthed bureaucrat nowadays.

  • Mike

    I think anybody could have seen this coming the minute it was announced that the PS3 port was being farmed out to a no-name developer. If you’ve just got a PS3, get Call of Duty 4, that game runs the way it is supposed to. If you’ve got a PC, check the black friday sales to get Orange Box for $25 tomorrow. It’s not worth $60 if you already paid for HL2 and EP1 when they came out the first time.

  • Emrah

    I am not surprised *at all*. This is EA we’re talking about. Sony should not let them publish this game before they can fix it. I am being serious.

  • This shows how desperate M$ is. They’re wasting money just trying to make the PS3/Sony look bad and paying movie studios not to support BR.

  • HachiRoku

    I dunno if it’s fanboyism or, rather, conspiracy theorists. You can’t deny that MS and EA are in good with each other, because Peter Moore (former head of Xbox division) now works for EA, and in turn, the ex-EA staffer now works at MS. So, conspiracy theorists can go to work after that… LOL
    As for MS paying companies to do bad work on PS3 games, I have my doubts. However, I do believe in “lazy devs”, and EA has the most number of lazy devs I’ve ever seen in any game company (I had a friend who used to work there). It’s not so much lazy, as they are inexperienced and unambitious. Their devs just wait for devkits and libraries and use them to make their code…. no slick programmer trying new things, no attempt at innovation, no desire make existing code better. In short, I guess, they just want to get the game out and make the $$ on it… without putting any sort of “love” to their product. (probably because they pump out so many titles).
    Oh well… I just hope Sony can come out with more improve and optimized libraries for these “lazy devs”, so the games will be better than the first-gen games lineup. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see if NHL 2009 or Madden 2009 will be better than 30fps next year. LOL!

  • c20h25n3o

    You guys really believe MS is paying them to publish a buggy version?
    You have got to be ****ing kidding me! I know fanboyism goes quite far, but you guys are even worse then me. :D.
    Eventhough Gabe is an ass, a company would never do this.. Simply because it’s affecting his own status.
    Come on guys, get real.

  • What’s the point in getting a game out if it’s a pile of crap? They won’t be making any profit if noone buys a bad version of a game. Why not skip the PS3 all together if you don’t want to put any effort in it?

  • c20h25n3o


    I do agree devs are just too damn lazy and have $$-signs in their eyes when they publish the next crappy game on the PS3. But I don’t believe MS is paying them. If you do believe that, you have some serious issues.
    It will only be this year. Next year the games will run smoother and better because even the lazy devs will get it to work.
    Besides that, now that more and more people are buying a PS3 they HAVE to. :).

  • derrickgott007

    @ c20h25n30r45m32m456 (Why don’t you use a real name instead of those stupid numbers?)

    Why don’t you understand that Microsoft IS paying people to lean more towards the 360? It’s been proven hands down. If you want proof just look at when Peter Moore talks about anything. He was at a Nascar race the other day represnting EA, and he talked ONLY about the 360 version of Nascar. Microsoft is most surely paying Peter Moore “Kickbacks” for that. People want to say “Oh now that he works for EA he wants both versions to succeede so he can make more money.” Well guess what?? He only talks about the Xbox versions of any EA game when he goes anywhere.

    Also c2oh25stupidnumbers, explain why even though SONY has stated that if a developer has problem with code, SONY will send their best programmers to help them (FREE OF CHARGE) to get the best out of their developement. How come they keep denying that help? Sounds like a little money is getting funneled their way to NOT accept the help.

    The video game industry is more like politics now and there are a lot of dirty dealings going on. Microsoft has the track record of buying whole companys to stop them from going multiplatform, and buying stock in companys to stop the spread of technology that the other platforms will use. Want more proof just look at Immersion. Microsoft tried to buy controlling interest in that company to stop SONY from being able to have rumble…Immersion did allow them to buy stock, but not controlling interest. That is why we have rumble again, because Immersion was still able to deal with Sony and make an agreement to liscense the technology to sony. Had Microsoft got controlling interest we would NEVER have rumble.

  • Sporty

    Sweet, broke out into conspiracy theories and the like in here.

    I was going to post before about how this isn’t the final build, nor has it passed certification yet and the news is coming from 1UP of all places, but I thought what’s the point.

    And derrickgott007, Yes MS is about the dirtiest company on the planet as far as ethics go, but EA is a publicly traded company who wouldn’t want to harm their reputation, just to help out another companies port of a game when the PS3 version is the only one they get money from.

    They probably have programmers who are cutting their teeth on the PS3 for the first time and not a large team. Also the build 1UP played might have been earlier then they thought.

    Either way, I’ve already played Orange Box to death.

  • now i’m hearing that the final ps3 build is much better than before. still worse than the xbox version, though, which sucks.

  • Michael

    Okay….ugh…this sh!t is really getting old, and i’m starting to feel like developers are not only taking advantage of us but apparent think we are idiots. The best way to get things accomplished and changed is power in numbers. The Half-Life series and the Orange Box package is great for it’s price even with all of it’s technical problems, which from the review on ign, seems to be very severe, and yet, with such a great game or any game at this point in the ps3 life cycle having technical issues is totally and completely unexceptable; and for this, to make an example and secure that we demand quality games on our system, we should all not buy it, in fact, I think we should protest Half-Life for the ps3 and have the member and reads here sight it to get more attention. The game sounds great, but I’m really tired of excepting not just bad but horrible ports-ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, DAMN IT!!! If you buy this game, ports will continue to be completely unexceptable and things won’t change, and I’m making a stand for change. Please support your hobby and you spend your hard earned time and money on and ensure that we except no less than anyone else is getting. Please submit your thoughts.

  • shane

    i need help why wont my ps3 play team fortress2

  • shane

    do i need 2 turn something off …i cant get this shit to turn on help please guys (team fortress2)